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Travelex pwned
Financial services company crippled by ransomware
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5 weeks ago by nelson
Cyber gangsters demand payment from Travelex after ‘Sodinokibi’ attack
"Cyber criminals are demanding payment to decrypt Travelex’s computer files after a devastating malware attack. New questions have been raised about the security of Travelex’s computer network after it emerged the company waited eight months to patch vulnerable VPN servers"
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5 weeks ago by niksilver
Travelex being held to ransom by hackers • BBC News
Joe Tidy:
<p>Hackers are holding foreign exchange company Travelex to ransom after a cyber-attack forced the firm to turn off all computer systems and resort to using pen and paper.
On New Year's Eve, hackers launched their attack on the Travelex network.

As a result, the company took down its websites across 30 countries to contain "the virus and protect data".

A ransomware gang called Sodinokibi has told the BBC it is behind the hack and wants Travelex to pay $6m (£4.6m). The gang, also known as REvil, claims to have gained access to the company's computer network six months ago and to have downloaded 5GB of sensitive customer data.

Dates of birth, credit card information and national insurance numbers are all in their possession, they say. The hackers said: "In the case of payment, we will delete and will not use that [data]base and restore them the entire network.

"The deadline for doubling the payment is two days. Then another seven days and the sale of the entire base."</p>

There is a certain karma about this. Travelex's extortionate exchange rates and its use of captive markets - it's all over airports - mean it effectively holds travellers to ransom all the time.
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5 weeks ago by charlesarthur
massive Travelex outage
The holiday money exchange site has been offline for the past 7 days, reportedly due to a ransomware infection, with 5GB of PII data exfiltrated
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5 weeks ago by jm
Cyber criminals demand $3 million in ransom from Travelex after infecting its network with Sodinokibi ransomware
The news comes after it was revealed that Travelex had been warned that it was running vulnerable Pulse Secure virtual private networking (VPN) servers. However, it's unclear whether the company responded to the warnings from both security researchers and the National Computer Security Centre (NCSC). 
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5 weeks ago by corrickwales
THE FUTURE OF RETAIL: 2014 [SLIDE DECK SAI] - Business Insider
The retail industry is undergoing a dramatic shift: E-commerce is capturing a larger share of sales than ever before.  We've created a slideshow highlighting the retail categories where e-commerce is having the most impact, and where there is still opportunity for disruption. The shift away from physical retail toward digital retail is happening faster than many observers expected. 
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april 2014 by keithbaumwald
Intuit Launches Mobile Payments Pilot in the U.K. -
ntuit Inc. (Nasdaq: INTU) has launched a pilot programme in the U.K., giving small businesses an easy, secure and inexpensive way to accept card payments anywhere. Intuit Pay, from the makers of QuickBooks, is being tested by hundreds of small businesses in the U.K., and includes a free mobile app with a low-cost chip and PIN card reader.

Intuit Pay gets small businesses paid on the spot so they never miss a sale. (Photo: Business Wire)

Intuit Pay is ideal for both brick-and-mortar businesses and those on the go – from tradesmen to taxis, and from markets to manufacturers. It allows small businesses to get paid on the spot so they never miss a sale. Businesses in the pilot can use Intuit Pay to accept credit or debit card payments in two easy ways:
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november 2012 by keithbaumwald
Brian Chesky - - PCW
about 10 minutes in he starts talking about the future
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november 2012 by keithbaumwald

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