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A Normandy Invasion | Alan Richman
In northern France, rich fare and friendliness win over a skeptical Alan Richman.
march  2011  national  geographic  traveler  alan  richman  france  normandy  travel  from instapaper
september 2012 by pnjman
Three Faces of Rome | Andrew McCarthy
Few cities make it easier to go local than Rome, with its trove of distinct quarters. Our author scouts out three neighborhoods, staying in lodgings—from luxe to basic—typical of each. His favorite? Read on.
january  february  2010  national  geographic  traveler  rome  italy  andrew  mccarty  from instapaper
september 2012 by pnjman
Scottish Island Obsession | Jim Richardson
Atlantic gales and defiant landscapes exhilarate this Kansan fan of the Inner Hebrides.
national  geographic  traveler  jim  richardson  scotland  uk  inner  hebrides  travel  august  september  2012  from instapaper
july 2012 by pnjman
The Lesson of My Life | Paul Theroux
In 1963, Paul Theroux joined the Peace Corps, shaping both its future and his view of the world: Cue President Obama's new appeal to public service . . .
may  2009  conde  nast  traveler  paul  theroux  travel  from instapaper
july 2012 by pnjman
napcabs ➔ comfort and privacy for passengers inside airport terminals

Making the stay at the airport more pleasant an comfortable is the idea behind napcabs.

napcabs offer the perfect solution for passengers and airports, to enter the next level of comfort inside airport terminals.

Enabling travellers to relax and re-energize, the napcab cabins provide a private hideaway from airport hectic and noise.

Requiring only 4sqm of space the premium cabins are designed to meet the challenges and demands of high-security transit zones in busy airport terminals.

napcabs have been successfully introduced at Munich Airport and have already proven their functionality and profitability and have been top-rated in customer-satisfaction surveys.

"Totally reminds me of ZipCar-like business"
awesome  geek  travel  traveler  jetsetter  jetsetting  business  airport  relax  relaxation  nap  service  from delicious
june 2012 by philrj

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