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In a Self-Serve World, Start-Ups Find Value in Human Helpers - The New York Times
"An economist would praise the great disintermediation for its efficiency. As a customer, you may have a different reaction: Look at all the work you’re now being asked to do. Was it really wise to get rid of all those human helpers?"
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december 2015 by jschneider
High-end travelers want expert advice, but not from travel agents
Overwhelmed by options, luxury travellers are increasingly entrusting experts to decide and plan every component of their holidays.
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february 2013 by andrewedunn
Face it, holidays are personal -
For more than a decade newspapers and analysts have been predicting the demise of the high street travel agent. Competing with the infinite possibilities of Google, over-the-counter agents have struggled and many long-established companies have closed. Curiously, though, we may now be coming full circle as a growing number of online travel businesses rediscover the power of face-to-face communication.
november 2012 by andrewedunn
Travelling at ease with the help of an agent - Sudbury Lifestyle News
With money increasingly tight these days, it’s imperative that when looking to take a much-needed vacation, consumers avail themselves of the services of a professional travel agent. But how do you find the right one?
october 2012 by andrewedunn
Why We Really Don't Want Travel Agents To Die |
"The bottom line is that they know more than you do, they are better connected than you," said travel expert Larry Olmstead in Forbes, "they have access to benefits you can't get otherwise, they can often beat any other prices available (even online, yes), and after you have planned everything, they provide a safety net during your trip that you simply won't get by booking yourself or buying insurance."
october 2012 by andrewedunn
consumer tips in response to the XL Airlines collapse
tour operator/airline went bust, leaving its customers well in the lurch. Those who booked flights directly on their website, using a debit card, have lost their money. Most travel insurance doesn't cover airline collapse. Moral: use a credit card
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september 2008 by jmason

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