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Should Seattle declare war on parking to fight climate change? | KUOW
The rising cost and declining amount of on-street parking downtown are part of a much bigger plan to reduce Seattle's carbon footprint. Mark Hallenbeck, director of the UW-based Washington State Transportation Center, is quoted.
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Rolls-Royce joins forces with Google Cloud to help make autonomous ships a reality
Rolls-Royce has signed a deal with Google to develop further its intelligent awareness systems which are making existing vessels safer and are essential to making autonomous ships a reality. The agreement, believed to be the first in the marine sector, was signed today at the Google Cloud Summit in Sweden. It allows Rolls-Royce to use Google’s Cloud Machine Learning Engine to further train the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) based object classification system for detecting, identifying and tracking the objects a vessel can encounter at sea.
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The future of urban mobility will not drive itself – Alexander Velkov – Medium
"All of a sudden, these thousands of people have a little helper and what that does for them is massive. They are now focused on the road and the traffic around them, instead of summoning every last bit of energy to get them up the hill. Ironically, the electric version of the bicycle actually reduces range anxiety. They can ride in parks and on bike paths, they can lock the bike up anywhere, and do all this without a licence and without having to worry about registration or insurance. Unlike most other innovations in the mobility arena, the e-bike genuinely provides a new option to a large number of people."
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Boeing's skunk works cargo drone is a heavy lifter | WIRED
Most likely, your expectations for the age of drone delivery involve cute li'l quadcopters that descend onto your porch with a gentle bzzzz, deposit a box of diapers or a pizza or whatever else you just ordered online, before zooming back to base, ready to deliver the next whim. Anne Goodchild, director of University of Washington's Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Center, is quoted.
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