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For 80,000 Commuters, One Nemesis: A 108-Year-Old Bridge - The New York Times
The Portal Bridge, which crosses the Hackensack River in New Jersey, carries Amtrak and New Jersey Transit trains and has a tendency to get stuck after it opens to let boats pass.
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Battery acid prompts hazmat response in South Boston – Boston News, Weather, Sports
BOSTON (WHDH) - Battery acid prompted a hazardous materials response in South Boston on Monday, officials say.

Crews responding to the area of 647 Summer St. about 1:34 p.m. for an unknown chemical leak inside a tractor-trailer determined the chemical to be approximately two gallons of battery acid, according to the Boston Fire Department.

Boston police also assisted on scene.

The leak was safely contained, and the scene was determined to be safe.

There were no reported injuries.
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Why Your Subway Train Might Start Moving Faster - The New York Times
Two trains collided on the Williamsburg Bridge between Manhattan and Brooklyn in 1995, killing a train operator and injuring dozens of riders. The accident, the fourth rear-end crash in a two-year span, led to stricter rules that kept trains from going too fast.

More than two decades later, those rules have slowed down trains more than is necessary for safety, which contributes to a system plagued by delays.
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Who are the gilets jaunes and what do they want?
A poll for Harris Interactive conducted after the violence on 1 December in Paris found 72% of French people continued to support the gilets jaunes but 85% said they disagreed with the violence in Paris.
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4 Alternative Fuel Sources In The Transportation Industry
Diesel and gasoline have historically served as the primary fuel sources in the transportation industry for the last century. However, several alternative fuel sources are also readily available today.
transportation  fuel-sources  diesel 
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The Airports of the Future Have Arrived - The New York Times
Two of the biggest airports in the world — Istanbul and Beijing — aim to make travel easier and faster for the passengers who use them.
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Which US cities have good and bad public transportation - Vox
"Christof Spieler, a structural engineer and urban planner from Houston, has lots of opinions about public transit in America and elsewhere. In his new book, Trains, Buses, People: An Opinionated Atlas of US Transit, he maps out 47 metro areas that have rail transit or bus rapid transit, ranks the best and worst systems, and offers advice on how to build better networks."
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