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Luxembourg to become first country to make all public transport free
Government seeks to prioritise environment and end some of world’s worst traffic congestion
economics  public  transport  luxembourg  environment 
3 hours ago by coldbrain
Shenzhen's silent revolution: world's first fully electric bus fleet quietens Chinese megacity | Cities | The Guardian
All 16,000 buses in the fast-growing Chinese megacity are now electric, and soon all 13,000 taxis will be too
transport  bus 
6 hours ago by tonys
Ireland's Data Protection Commission publishes information on the use of Dash Cams
Where both video and/or audio of individuals in a vehicle (typically a taxi or bus) is recorded, or where video of a road user captured by an outward-facing Dash Cam is recorded, data protection implications may arise and it is important that drivers who install Dash Cams understand their obligations under data protection legislation.
Ireland  DPC  dashcams  dataprotection  transport  video  GDPR  guidance 
yesterday by corrickwales
The Amazing Psychology of Japanese Train Stations - CityLab
The nation’s famed mastery of rail travel has been aided by some subtle behavioral tricks.
rail  economics  transport  psychology 
4 days ago by tonys
Why aren't there electric airplanes yet?
The battery technology and cooling systems needed for electric aircraft to lift people and cargo are getting closer to reality, but they're still very different from electric cars and trucks.
e.mobility  aircraft  transport 
5 days ago by zesteur
4 Tips for Transporting Dry Ice Safely
Consider these four tips for making sure you transport dry ice safely for safe and easy use!
dry-ice  safety  transport 
5 days ago by Adventure_Web
Luxembourg set to make all public transport free | The Independent
"At present fares are capped at a low level: €2 for up to two hours of travel, which in the small nation covers almost any journey.

Luxembourg’s area is 999 square miles, almost the same as Oxfordshire.
Anyone who wants to include first-class rail pays €3. An all-day second-class ticket on every form of public transport costs €4."
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6 days ago by ssam

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