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London must embrace new ideas to keep our transport moving | London Evening Standard
For Garry Kasparov, 1997 was a tough year. He was the number-one chess player on the planet and he’d agreed to play a match against Deep Blue, a supercomputer designed by IBM. Kasparov was so confident that he turned down an offer to split the $500,000 prize money evenly between the winner and loser — he wanted all or nothing.  This confidence quickly turned sour, and with millions of people watching on television, Kasparov became the first reigning chess champion in history to be be...
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London-registered minicabs 'working in other cities' - BBC News
More than 3,600 Transport for London (TfL)-registered private hire drivers have addresses as far away as Bradford and Cardiff.

Letters released by the Mayor of London's Office show there were 747 TfL-registered minicab drivers in Birmingham and 378 in Bristol.
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LAMTOR/Ragulator is a negative regulator of Arl8b- and BORC-dependent late endosomal positioning | JCB
Interesting point that EGF stimulation could induce lysosomes to go to periphery - for secretion? Or more likely for higher efficiency of degradation of endocytosed material?

" lysosomes, negative for the LAMTOR–BORC interaction, can be transported toward the cell periphery in an Arl8b-dependent manner. Their number is increased upon EGF stimulation (Fig. 7 F)......Lysosomal exocytosis increases the secretion of hydrolases that may contribute to the digestion of extracellular matrix, facilitating the migration of tumor cells "
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RT : Building more lanes on a freeway like loosening your belt to fight obesity
Germany to pilot free public
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