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Project Gutenberg | indienova
Seek global games or game-related contents and introduce them to Chinese game developers and players by eliminating the language barrier.
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4 days ago by aihre
RT : Always credit the translator! Saint Jerome on the first folio of a Gospel Book, ca. 860/870.
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7 days ago by bokane
A Camel Through the Eye of a Needle, and Other Wild Tales of Translation – STANT LITORE
The camel and the needle is one of my favorite examples of translation shenanigans, and is all the more delightful because no matter which way you translate or mistranslate it, the message of the metaphor remains roughly the same. For those not in the know, here’s what happened. Very probably, the rabbi Yeshua told his followers two thousand years ago that it is easier to thread a rope (like the big ropes used on fishing boats on the Sea of Galilee) through the eye of a sewing needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. But, in Aramaic – the language he was speaking and the language in which the source text for the synoptic gospels was probably written – “camel” and “rope” are spelled the same: “gml.”
Bible  translation  meaning 
8 days ago by Quercki
Intro to the App Translation Service - Localization Help
Translating your app's store description, user interface text, Universal App Campaign ads and in-app purchase products into multiple languages will maximize the number of people who can install, use and recommend it.

The App Translation Service is a professional, human service integrated into the Google Play Developer Console, and also accessible from Android Studio.
translation  mobiledev  android 
9 days ago by to
DeepL Translator
Use the free DeepL Translator to translate your texts with the best machine translation available, powered by DeepL’s world-leading neural network technology. Currently supported languages are English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Polish.
translate  translation  online  tools  deep  learning  deeplearning 
10 days ago by ebouchut
Human Powered Translation Services for Business - VerbalizeIt
On-demand translation services for business, powered by a global community of 24,000 curated translators speaking over 150 languages.
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14 days ago by kpieper876

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