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Kostenloses multilinguales Wörterbuch und Synonymdatenbank
language  database  translation  dictionaries  online  synonyms  free 
2 days ago by navegador
wearerequired/traduttore: WordPress plugin that enables you to translate your WordPress projects in GlotPress and automatically install these translations.
WordPress plugin that enables you to translate your WordPress projects in GlotPress and automatically install these translations.
wordpress  translation 
4 days ago by davemac
Localization Platform & Translation Service | OneSky
OneSky's Award Winning Localization Platform is Designed for App & Game Developers. 1,000+ Prof. Translators. 50+ languages. Built-in Integrations.
translation  tools  Development  localization 
5 days ago by michael.henry
Laudator Temporis Acti: Shackled by a Certainty
Once someone is shackled by a certainty, he envies your vague opinions, your resistance to dogmas or slogans, your blissful incapacity to commit yourself. Blushing in secret for belonging to a sect or a party, ashamed of possessing a truth and of being enslaved by it, it is not his acknowledged enemies he resents, those who profess another, but you, the Indifferent, guilty of pursuing none. And if, in order to escape the servitude into which he has fallen, you seek refuge in vagueness or caprice, he will do everything in his power to forestall you, to hold you in a thrall analogous and, if possible, identical to his own.
epigrams  translation  to-write-about 
7 days ago by Vaguery
Amazon patent talk places accent translation center-stage
Amazon has been thinking about accent translation technology—that is the info from PatentYogi, the website that, talking about translation, does a good job in translating patent ideas into words that we instantly grasp.
In this case, PatentYogi is talking about the publication of Amazon's patent application regarding closing the gap on accents.
translation  ai  amazon  future 
8 days ago by dancall
"The Rhizome" - an American Translation | The Mantle
Translated from Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari A Thousand Plateaus, trans. Brian Massumi, 3-25.
deleuze  guattari  rhizome  american  translation 
9 days ago by thejaymo

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