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Vue.js: Using Vue Router Page Transitions
In this article, I will show you how to convert your awesome Vue.js application into a super super awesome Vue.js application. You’re thinking how this can be done? vue-page-transition is the keyword!
vue  transitions  animation  javascript 
8 days ago by spaceninja
How to Create and Animate Rotated Overlays
A tutorial on how to create and animate rotated overlays, or "reveal" elements, for interesting page transition effects.
fridayfrontend  css  cssbasics  overlay  transitions  transforms 
16 days ago by spaceninja
Animation library that mimics CSS keyframes when scrolling
css  animation  scroll  js  transitions 
4 weeks ago by elivz
Yes We Can! Distributed ACID Transactions with High Performance
ACID transactions are a fundamental building block when developing business-critical, user-facing applications. They simplify the complex task of ensuring data integrity while supporting highly concurrent operations. While they are taken for granted in monolithic SQL/relational DBs, distributed NoSQL/non-relational DBs either forsake them completely or support only a highly restrictive single-key flavor (see sections below). This loss of ACID properties is usually justified with a gain in performance (measured in terms of low latency and/or high throughput)....
10 weeks ago by lenciel

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