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From Sketch To Figma - Prototypr
This guide is made due to a loud trend among product teams and designers, a transition from Sketch to Figma. In this article, I want to highlight the common pitfalls and uncover several tips on how to seamlessly transfer your precious design assets from one excellent design tool to another.
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15 days ago by fjordaan
Remain should push for an election
But the last few days have seen two knife-edge votes in the Commons. If either had gone for the government, Brexit would be about to happen. It would be game over. We came seriously close. We can't keep on surviving like this.

We are completely powerless in these events. We have to watch as MPs behave in ways that don't always make sense. The whole issue is being decided on the tightest of margins, by politicians who are exhausted and under enormous emotional pressure.

An election is not an ideal way to sort this. A referendum is. But we have to work with what we've got. And at least an election allows people a chance to get involved, to do something, to work on a campaign of securing Remain seats where they can be won - to have agency. It's better than simply having to sit here and watch BBC Parliament night after night in a state of high anxiety.

That has a democratic dimension too. If this thing is happening, at least let the public get involved in it. At least lets have them give some form of input, no matter how imperfect, to validate what is happening.

So, in summary: God knows. What a mess. But probably, overall, an election is the right way to go.
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16 days ago by petej

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