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3 of 4 job clusters have good access with public transit
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Attention L Shutdown Complainers: Bus Pollution Is a Blast From the Past – Streetsblog New York City
Along with myriad other changes in tailpipes and smokestacks that have vastly improved NYC’s air quality since Earth Day 1970, the cleanup of the city’s diesel buses is rarely remarked on. Though historic inequities persist in the distribution of clean air, just about every corner of the city today enjoys clearer skies and easier breathing than decades ago. Old notions die hard, however, especially where buses are concerned, and particularly when downgrading driving and ride-hailing in favor of bus transit is on the agenda, as in the joint MTA-DOT proposal for the pending L train shutdown. (Ironically, the lawsuit raises the specter of the “heightened levels of pollution … from idling cars, for-hire vehicles and trucks” that MTA and DOT hope to mitigate by enhancing bus and bike infrastructure.) Though meteorological and traffic differences add some uncertainty to the extrapolation from Southern California to New York, these findings corroborate that transit bus emissions on our streets have fallen enormously.
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Free waterfront shuttle service will run until October - Curbed Seattle
While the shuttle is branded as an option for tourists traveling by car to downtown to make parking easier, it also provides a west-of-Third transportation option that doesn’t currently exist—and is designed to connect to light rail and Amtrak for non-drivers. From 1982 to 2005, a trolley ran along the waterfront, but it was postponed and eventually abandoned due to waterfront tunnel construction. The shuttle bus meant to replace it, Metro route 99, was axed this past March (after a redundant reroute to Third Avenue where most other buses that carry passengers through downtown run).
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