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How I Broke, and Botched, the Brandon Teena Story | Village Voice
The regrets of the person who wrote the story, which wound up being the inspiration for the movie "Boys Don't Cry."

What we've learned about trans people has changed much over the years. It's good when people recognize the change.
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yesterday by moose
LGBT rights in Pakistan - Wikipedia
> Under the Transgender Person (Protection of Rights) Act 2018, Pakistanis may choose to self-identify as male, female, both or neither. They may express their gender according to their own preferences, and they may have their gender identity of choice reflected on their documents, "including National Identification Cards, passports, driver's licenses and education certificates."[23]

The act defines "transgender person" as someone with a "mixture of male and female genital features or congenital ambiguities," or, a male who "undergoes genital excision or castration," or, more broadly, "any person whose gender identity and/or gender expression differs from the social norms and cultural expectations based on the sex they were assigned at the time of their birth," which allows people to self-identify as such. They are guaranteed the right to inherit assets and to run for public office.

Discrimination based on gender identity in employment and public accommodations is forbidden under the new law. The Government is assigned broad obligations to provide medical and psychological assistance, small business loans and vocational training, sensitivity training for police and helping professionals, separate prison facilities, and safe houses.
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When children say they’re trans | The Atlantic
How can parents get children the support they might need while keeping in mind that adolescence is, by definition, a time of identity exploration? Kristina Olson, associate professor of psychology at the UW and director of the TransYouth Project, is quoted.
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5 days ago by uwnews
Interview with Indya Moore
The character called Angel in the Show Pose
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6 days ago by matthewtheodore
Transgender Population Size in the United States: a Meta-Regression of Population-Based Probability Samples
> Extrapolating these results to 2016 suggested a current US population size of 390 adults per 100 000, or almost 1 million adults nationally. This estimate may be more indicative for younger adults, who represented more than 50% of the respondents in our analysis.
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7 days ago by porejide
My trans child needs to be himself – I understand that now
A week later, a call from school – my son, so upset he couldn’t speak, had gone to a trusted teacher. He couldn’t bear to be thought of as a girl for one more minute. He was a boy, he wanted to dress as a boy, he didn’t want a red pen cross on his Spanish homework when he’d used the masculine to describe himself. We met with his open-minded, compassionate teachers. I was still urging caution – nothing public, not yet, please, just a little more thinking time. What about peers’ reactions? We mustn’t rush. He explained, through tears, that he would rather people bullied him about being a boy than have to carry on pretending he was a girl.

And the penny dropped.

My son, in his distress, helped me realise that there is something even worse than being abused in the street, and that’s being told by strangers you’re not who you know you are, that the truth of you is not acceptable so if you want to be safe – be normal, please.
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12 days ago by owenblacker
1st day full-time vs 10 months full-time. We all start out pretty awkward. ❤️
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Daniel Mallory Ortberg on Transitioning and His New Book
There’s a line in one of the stories in the book, Cast Your Bread Upon The Waters, where the main character – whose gender is never clarified – refers to their son, against whom they’ve been plotting murder, like this: “My son Johnnie was very beautiful, and I loved him.” It’s one of the first unmitigated statements they make about a person they very clearly loved but are trying to build a case against. Only after they’ve done the deed can they honestly say, I loved him. I don’t want to cheapen the story by saying, “Ah, yes, I too have released someone I love into the sea, it is a point-by-point allegory for transition.” But man. That merry spinster, that Toastified Mallory Ortberg — she was beautiful, and I loved her. And she is! And I do! And she is not gone, there has been no death, no act of violence, no act of disavowal or abnegation or dismissal. And yet she’s not herein the way that she was. Anyhow, it’s a good book, I think, and I’m glad we wrote it.
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14 days ago by runpunkrun
Common Mistakes in Selecting Wigs
Meant for Crossdressers, works for anyone trans
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