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Magnesium Oil Side Effects - Know it & Be Safe
Magnesium Oil Side Effects are very rare but always good to know to get the most out of this miraculous healing supplement safely.
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june 2015 by nununo
The Most Common Frauds of Alternative Medicine
An explanation of the most common frauds of alternative medicine, from chlorella and spirulina to urine drinking, which features the most common frauds, such as the advocacy of transdermal magnesium.
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june 2015 by nununo
This Really Won't Hurt a Bit: Wireless Sensor Promises Diabetics Noninvasive Blood Sugar Readings: Scientific American
Glucose monitoring is extremely important to diabetics, to the extent that even somewhat invasive systems—including those that lance a patient's fingertips to draw blood—are used by millions and have sales in the billions, according to Langer. "Everyone I speak to in the diabetes field feels (transdermal monitoring is) very badly needed," he adds.<br />
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England cautions, however, that finding an effective transdermal continuous glucose monitoring system is just one step in controlling diabetes. There still is no consensus on what constitutes the "right" glucose level in different patients, he says. Until that is determined, the benefit of having tighter control over blood glucose levels is an "open question," he adds. "We haven't had the technology to study this for any length of time."
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