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Introducing Desktop-class Browsing on iPad - WWDC 2019 - Videos - Apple Developer
Clicking on text in the transcript jumps to that part of the video. Amazing!
webdev  video  transcripts 
4 days ago by frankfarm
Freakonomics - The hidden side of everything Freakonomics | The hidden side of everything
Scroll-down page of Freakonomics radio/podcast episodes, with brief summaries of each. Click the title to go directly to the transcript, or choose the Radio menu to go to the archive page.

There are almost 400 episodes available!
freakonomics  podcasts  radio  transcripts 
8 weeks ago by GreggInCA
Future of Coding | Are you looking for the real computer revolution? Join the club! Future of Coding is a community, podcast, and research project organized by Steve Krouse.
Are you looking for the real computer revolution? Join the club! Future of Coding is a community, podcast, and research project organized by Steve Krouse.
programming  podcast  transcripts  computer-science 
june 2019 by willyh
“Every time I do laundry he defends one sock.
In case you were to need it for later, here’s your transcript of the video of Flash that cat guarding that one gray sock from his owner.

(Here’s your tweet that originally went with this:
cats  cute  accessibility  transcripts  2019  video 
april 2019 by handcoding
How Do I Get My Transcripts If I Owe My College Money?
Bankruptcy and debt defense attorneys get asked all the time: How Do I Get My Transcripts If I Owe My College Money?
studentloans  bankruptcy  transcripts 
april 2019 by 1kenthomas
Latticework Investing
source of *excellent* transcripts of various business experts (full of good insights for everybody)
transcripts  business  finance  Charlie_Munger 
february 2019 by GreggInCA

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