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The Internet Is Killing Democracy - WhoWhatWhy
Facebook Is the Shiny Object, but the Danger Is Much Larger
We have seen endless stories about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. We have endured two days of Mark Zuckerberg explaining the Facebook business model. Social media and its role in politics is on everyone’s mind. However, none of the current clamor speaks to the broader impact of the internet, or of big tech in general.
In this week’s WhoWhatWhy podcast, Jamie Bartlett, director of the Center for Analysis of Social Media, reminds Jeff Schechtman that the internet was supposed to be a democratizing force. The widespread availability of digital technology was to allow freedom of information and communication on a scale never thought possible before.
The reality, Bartlett argues, is that every aspect of the internet and its culture is feeding the worst of humanity’s tribal instincts.
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3 days ago by rgl7194
Kate Losse, Former Zuckerberg Speechwriter Interview
A conversation with former Zuckerberg speechwriter Kate Losse on how the Facebook founder thinks and what is hardest for him to wrap his mind around.
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10 days ago by danhon
MoA - "It's The Cover-Up" - UK Foreign Office Deletes Tweet, Posts False Transcript, Issues New Lies
It's Not The Crime, It's The Cover-Up: When a scandal breaks, the discovery of an attempt to cover up is often regarded as even more reprehensible than the original deeds. The British government is trying to cover-up the lies it... via "It's The Cover-Up" - UK Foreign Office Deletes Tweet, Posts False Transcript, Issues New Lies
IFTTT  "It's  The  Cover-Up"  -  UK  Foreign  Office  Deletes  Tweet  Posts  False  Transcript  Issues  New  Lies 
16 days ago by davidmarsden
The 75-Year-Old Book That Drives Our Politics - WhoWhatWhy
Be it privatizing the Veterans Administration, railing against “socialized medicine,” gutting the Environmental Protection Agency, or trying to starve public education, the proponents of these ideas all seem to be beholden to the work of Ayn Rand.
Rand’s novel, The Fountainhead, was published 75 years ago this month, after being turned down by 12 publishers. Yet for people like Paul Ryan, Stephen Miller, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Peter Thiel, it might as well have been a briefing paper published this morning.
Even though Bill Buckley kicked Rand out of the conservative movement in the late 1950s, at a 2005 gathering to honor her memory, Paul Ryan declared, “The reason I got involved in public service, by and large, if I had to credit one thinker, one person, it would be Ayn Rand.”
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16 days ago by rgl7194
Intel Expert James Bamford Blasts Russiagate Hype - WhoWhatWhy
Bamford Believes Russia Hacked DNC, Can’t Confirm Transfer of Contents to WikiLeaks
Author and intelligence expert James Bamford says the reports of Russian interference in the 2016 US election, which is being treated as one of the biggest stories out there right now, are overblown.
So far, Bamford argues, no evidence has been presented that this is anything other than the type of intelligence gathering or operation that countries are engaged in all the time.
Bamford is critical of the hyped, 24/7 coverage of Russiagate. Indeed, he sees widespread hacking by Russia, the United States, and other online spies as old news. He has special criticism for his colleagues in the media, who have “squandered their objectivity and precious resources on a single story.”
news  election  russia  hack  gov2.0  politics  CIA  wikileaks  NSA  interview  books  transcript 
26 days ago by rgl7194
Why Apple bought Texture | iMore
Apple just bought Texture, the all-you-can-read magazine app...
But what does that mean for current Texture users (including on Android) and for Apple News? In the age of fake news, extremist click-bait, bots, and bubbles, will anyone really care about trusted sources and sustainable publishing? And how much does Apple really care, given neither News nor Texture are available in more than half-a-handful of countries?
apple  M&A  magazine  services  subscription  podcast  transcript 
5 weeks ago by rgl7194
Law Professor Absolutely Destroys Student Letter Protesting Her Wearing a 'Black Lives Matter' T-Shirt
there is an even more important reason for putting this in writing for the entire law school community. The larger issues that underlie your anger are timely, and they touch the entire law school community and transcend it.
This response to your memo is in two parts. Part I addresses the substantive and analytical lessons that can be learned from the memo. Part II addresses the lessons about writing that can be learned from the memo.
BlackLivesMatter  school  transcript  *** 
6 weeks ago by Quercki

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