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aeneas is a Python/C library and a set of tools to automagically synchronize audio and text (aka forced alignment)
audio  transcript  python 
4 days ago by handelaar - Personal assistant that takes automated notes and follows commands during conference calls
AI powered personal assistants that take notes for you during calls. Get started with yours for free today!
assistant  call  transcript 
9 days ago by freiref
autoedit 2: Home
Open source audio transcribing tool
opensource  transcript  audio  tool 
4 weeks ago by amcewen
Full Transcript and Video: Trump News Conference - The New York Times
Trump's first press conference as President. Holy shit this does not read well.
journalism  trump  transcript  press-conference 
4 weeks ago by alexbecker
Full Transcript and Video: Trump News Conference
President Trump announced a new nominee for labor secretary and answered questions from reporters at the White House on Thursday.
trump  transcript 
4 weeks ago by minorjive
Transcript: Sean McVay on His Staff, Current Player Evaluation, and Free Agency/Draft Plans - Turf Show Times
How can you not love this guy?
“Alright, hopefully that worked out for you guys and got a chance to get to know a lot of our assistant coaches. A group that we’re really excited about. I think you can feel their energy, their enthusiasm, a lot of the same things we’re looking for and the kind of the environment and atmosphere that we want to be able to create and set that culture. It’s going to start with us and that coaching staff. Looking forward to that.”
football  rams  coach  transcript 
5 weeks ago by rgl7194
A Full Transcript Of Donald Trump's Black History Month Remarks
February is Black History Month. This morning, Donald Trump held a White House event to mark the occasion. Below is an accurate transcript of his remarks.
trump  transcript 
6 weeks ago by Freiner

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