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Trans citation practices — a quick-and-dirty guideline

Literally no other group of people has a mass of assholes insisting on using a name they no longer want to be used. The only purpose of intentional deadnaming is harassment, no matter how “good faith” you think it is. (Katelyn Burns, Nov 29 2018, Twitter)
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RT : Have you ever wondered why the media is obsessed with people's bodies? Or what orgasms feel like, post-trans…
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Pronoun Practice; Printable Resource
Printable forms for trans/non-cis people who want to simplify introductory discussions.
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yesterday by hopeful_monster
If AI is truly the future, it needs to learn to see non-binary people | Dazed
Seeing ill-fitting advertisements is one thing; it would be something else entirely to be denied access to a restroom, a locker room, or even an aeroplane because my face doesn’t ‘match’ the gender on my identification.
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8 days ago by jomc
Consensus gay culture is the real cultural imperialism (Personal Weblog of Joe Clark, Toronto)
* Trans* everything everywhere, particularly in women’s sex-segregated environments. Bullying butch lesbians into thinking they’re male, then bullying them into lobbing off their tits and going on testosterone till they die, a bald-pated, fur-backed husk, of cancer.

* “Trans children”; Drag Queen Story Time. (Again: Pedophiles.)

* Masculinity as toxic, except for butch dykes transitioning to “men.”

* No male-only events. Autistic heteros at gay leather bars (not supposition). No female-only anything under any circumstances.

* A habit of locating the farthest-left political party, whatever that may be in any given area, and agitating only for them – to the point where endorsement of other parties is equated with fascism (Whiteness). "
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