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Code Practice and Mentorship for Everyone. Level up your programming skills with 1,879 exercises across 38 languages, and insightful discussion with our dedicated team of welcoming mentors. Exercism is 100% free forever.
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Data Version Control Tutorial – dataversioncontrol
data version control, training data management, git for data sets.
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Platform companies have to learn to share
August 19, 2018 | Financial Times | Rana Foroohar.

Algorithmic management places dramatically more power in the hands of platform companies. Not only can they monitor workers 24/7, they benefit from enormous information asymmetries that allow them to suddenly deactivate drivers with low user ratings, or take a higher profit margin from riders willing to pay more for speedier service, without giving drivers a cut. This is not a properly functioning market. It is a data-driven oligopoly that will further shift power from labour to capital at a scale we have never seen before......Rather than wait for more regulatory pushback, platform tech companies should take responsibility now for the changes they have wreaked — and not just the positive ones. That requires an attitude adjustment. Many tech titans have a libertarian bent that makes them dismissive of the public sector as a whole.......Yet the potential benefits of ride-hailing and sharing — from less traffic to less pollution — cannot actually be realised unless the tech companies work with the public sector. One can imagine companies like Uber co-operating with city officials to phase in vehicles slowly, rolling out in underserved areas first, rather than flooding the most congested markets and creating a race to the bottom......Airbnb...often touts its ability to open up new neighbourhoods to tourism, but research shows that in cities like New York, most of its business is done in a handful of high end areas — and the largest chunk by commercial operators with multiple listings, with the effect of raising rents and increasing the strains caused by gentrification. On the labour side, too, the platform companies must take responsibility for the human cost of disruption. NYU professor Arun Sundararajan, has proposed allowing companies to create a “safe harbour” training fund that provides benefits and insurance for drivers and other on-demand workers without triggering labour laws that would categorise such workers as full-time employees (which is what companies want to avoid).
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Your Optimal Training Frequency for the Glutes Part I: Exercise Type - Bret Contreras
How often should you train your Glutes? 1. Muscle SRA (Stimulus, Recovery and Adaptation) is the primary underlying principle that dictates how often you should train the Glutes to grow them as fast as humanly possible. via Pocket
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Fit auf dem Bike #2: Die Zutaten für deinen Trainingsplan -
Bevor es an den richtigen Trainings-Plan geht, gehen wir im zweiten Teil von “Fit auf dem Bike” auf die Dinge ein, die du beachten musst, damit du am Ende auch auf das gewünschte Ergebnis kommst: Fitter auf dem Rad sein und somit mehr Spaß haben! via Pocket
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yesterday by hansdorsch
Fit auf dem Bike #1: Errichte dein Fundament! -
In unserem ersten Artikel zum Thema “Fit auf dem Bike” geht es um das grundlegende Fundament, das oft außer Acht gelassen wird, obwohl es die wichtigste Grundlage dafür ist, während und vor der Saison fit auf dem Bike zu sein. via Pocket
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RT : Analytics for journalists: Measuring success with metrics – a one-day course with
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