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Virtual Training Cycling App Setup Guide - CycleOps
Even though classic (or non-smart) trainers lack the built-in technology to simulate resistance like a smart trainer, they are still compatible with virtual training apps with the use of a speed sensor. The only difference is you control the resistance.
bicycling  trainers  indoor 
12 weeks ago by michelemiz
3D Aim Trainer - Truly train your aim is a 100% free 3-dimensional aim trainer, developed by and for FPS-gamers. Our aim trainer matches your desktop or game settings, enabling you to truly train your aim.
games  3d  fps  trainers 
february 2019 by po
'Bring Rick back'? Years later, Dutrow's ban still divides
"No matter which side of the aisle you're on, it seems racing officials had hoped to make an example of Rick Dutrow. It's hard to say whether that has worked. If the 10-year ban was intended to serve as retribution for past sins, it seems misplaced. It's not immediately clear why Dutrow's inconsistent answers on Kentucky license applications weren't discovered until 2011 (or at least, did not result in penalties before then). It's also hard to say why authorities in New York and New Jersey didn't pursue the Wild Desert case further (or for that matter, officials in Canada, where Dutrow later admitted he ran a horse in someone else's name). According to his record in Thoroughbred Rulings, he received no action related to Wild Desert from the New Jersey Racing Commission. If part of making him a successful example was sending him into obscurity, commissions haven't quite gotten their wish."
horseracing  new-york  trainers  rick-dutrow 
january 2019 by jnchapel

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