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Rails-to-Trails Conservancy envisions seamless coast-to-coast trail trail--the Great American Rail-Trail
Imagine what’s possible with a trail that connects the country. 

Imagine ... pedaling across the entire country on a safe, seamless and scenic pathway—or walking a local trail that connects along historic routes. That vision will become a reality thanks to the Great American Rail-Trail, a signature project of Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) and the organization’s most ambitious TrailNation™ project yet.

The possibility of a coast-to-coast rail-trail has been known for decades as RTC tracked rail- trails being developed east to west along the same course charted by the railroad a century ago. RTC’s late co-founder David Burwell once hoped that “one day, you could go across this entire country … on flat, wide, off-road paths. I want rail-trails to be ‘America’s Main Street.’” Now, that dream—and the potential of the Great American Rail-Trail—is ready to be realized.

The route is more than 50 percent complete—the milestone RTC has long-identified as the threshold for committing to making this trail a reality. Separated from vehicle traffic, travelers will be able to truly enjoy, embrace and experience those amber waves of grain and purple mountain majesties that make up the American landscape from Washington, D.C., to Washington State.
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Former Pittsburgh State U. students honored for Ruby Jack Trail bridge project north of Joplin | Joplin Globe
A group of former Pittsburg State University students who helped build a new bridge along the Ruby Jack Trail north of Joplin last year will be recognized on the national level this spring.

The four students from PSU's School of Construction — Tiara Ewy, Travis Solander, Mollie Currid and Sean Lohman, all of whom have since graduated — will be honored as the Outstanding Student Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America at the national association's 100th annual convention April 1-4 in Denver. The students will receive the Construction Management Skills Award.

"It speaks highly of the program and our students," said Joe Levens, an associate professor at PSU.

The students worked for months last year to design a new bridge for the Ruby Jack Trail, a 16-mile path that runs from Carthage west to the Kansas state line. The bridge, which takes visitors over a small stream, is a former railroad crossing northwest of Ivy Road and Missouri Highway 43.
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Public meetings planned on Pacific and Eureka area trail network plan - next meeting Feb 20, 2019 |
A Eureka/Pacific connecting trail could be the keystone to an extensive trail system. Myers and the supporting outdoor organizations have identified Pacific as the logical connecting point for a vast trail system through St. Louis County, through Pacific, across Missouri and Arkansas.

The mayor wants to marshal city resources to develop a system of trails in the city that starts at what he has identified as the Red Cedar Park complex.

“Jensen Point, Red Cedar and the property around it, make up the eventual trail extension that will run over to the Pacific Palisades Park and boat ramp,” Myers said. “It could all be part of a wonderful section of the city that could have a beautiful park setting around it.” . . .

Pacific stands to gain a trail that would carry hikers and bikers from St. Louis County to the Red Cedar tourist center, a planned way stop on a Pacific trail. . . .

For Myers, the proposed trail is one element of a plan for an expanded park system and a series of walking trails that connect St. Louis County trails, Pacific and the Shaw Nature Reserve.

It is a single leg in a much larger network of trails converging on Pacific that have occupied Myers’ interest for more than a decade.

The mayor sees Pacific as the hub connecting a network of trails in St. Louis County, to the Ozark Trail in Missouri and Arkansas. Myers has worked since 2002 to develop a river trail in Pacific.

MoBikeFed comment: The next public meeting on the planned trail is 5 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2019, at the Eureka Fire Protection District Training Center
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Big Turnout for Meeting on New Trail envisioned to connect Pacific and Eureka |
Outdoor enthusiasts turned out in large numbers last Tuesday to discuss a proposed hiking, biking trail connecting the cities of Pacific and Eureka.

The two cities received a St. Louis County grant to plan a trail from downtown Pacific to downtown Eureka.

Although it’s essentially a trail for hikers and bikers, a side path for equestrian use is not out of the question, one planner said. . . .

About 50 hiking, biking and other trail enthusiasts observed a presentation on the trail and offered their views on what should be included in a new trail and what should be avoided. . . .

Mayor Myers assured participants that planners of the trail would be environmentally sensitive.

Mayor Coffey said he sees the trail as an economic boon for both cities. He noted that the trail connects to Route 66 State Park where the old bridge has been acquired and plans are underway to extend a trail over the bridge.

MoBikeFed comment: Mayor Myers of Pacific and Mayor Coffey of Eureka are just two of the forward-thinking mayors across Missouri working to make their communities more bicycle and pedestrian friendly, and build local and regional trails networks.

More about Eureka's city trails plan:
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State files 180-day extension while working on scenarios for Missouri State Parks to accept Rock Island Trail corridor | Lake News Online
Interest was high in turning the old line into a trail that would connect with the Katy Trail, another former rail line, creating a large loop across the state that could make it the longest continuous trail in the United States.

After nearly four years of review and negotiation, hope continues for those in favor of turning the Rock Island Railroad corridor into a cross-state trail. Missouri State Parks and Missouri Central Railroad have applied for another extension of an interim trail use agreement while the state continues to study the potential for turning the 144-mile defunct line between Windsor and Beaufort into a recreational trail.

The project was facing a deadline of Feb. 21, 2019. If approved, the extension would give the state and railroad 180 more days to come to a decision.

MoBikeFed comment: The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy has set up a page to make it easy to weigh in with the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and State Parks leadership to let them know you support the Rock Island Trail State park. Please take two minutes to send them a message in support of the Rock Island Trail:

They need to hear from thousands of constituents reminding them that the Rock Island Trail is a "no brainer".
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A Complete Guide To The John Muir Trail - Trail to Peak
The John Muir Trail covers 211 miles through the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in California. In this guide, I've put together everything you'll need to plan your own hike, including tips on permits, gear, food, training, and logistics.
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