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Human extinction would be a uniquely awful tragedy. Why don’t we act like it? - Vox
"How pessimism about the future affects how we think about humanity and extinction."
futures  pessimism  extinction  human  vision  tragedy 
7 days ago by tsuomela
silverbluebaka - Even if it's not in his body, so long as his soul is intact he'll live
Ch 208: Furuichi is dead! Defeat Takamiya, collect the soul, save with his friend… but is a soul in 6 pieces still intact?

(because I re-read 208 yesterday and panicked over the definition of 'intact')
fandom:Beelzebub  year:2019  Rating:Mature  gen  death!fic  angst  tragedy  unhappy-ending  words:3.000-3.500  complete  heartbreaking 
9 days ago by hear-the-rain
Thecurtaincall - We're gonna die young
He was on the verge of breaking down. Death was breathing down his neck and he couldn't run fast enough. Looking at the chaos, he knows he's going to die here. But when he sees someone else hurt, he'll push down the panic to help the other. Because he can't stand there while his best friend breaks down in front of him. He'll stall his own death if it means he can help Oga.
fandom:Beelzebub  year:2019  Rating:General-Audiences  gen  friendships  death!fic  apocafic  hurt/comfort  angst  tragedy  words:1.000-1.500  complete 
9 days ago by hear-the-rain
比海更深|马航 MH370 消失的三年里
3年了,所有已知信息,仍拼凑不出一条完整的逻辑链。一次次成为舆论的悲伤样本,并不是家属的本意。持续不懈的追寻,是一场心力交瘁的消耗。 文| 谢梦遥 采访| 谢梦遥 单琦 车灏楠 编辑| 王晶晶 赵涵漠 残骸搜索…
tragedy  family  search  airline  closure  from instapaper
10 days ago by aries1988
That Was A Minute Ago
Ron Stoppable's point of view on the dead earth situation, and his desperate reach for a way to stop it all before it starts.
Kim_Possible  Kim/Ron  Gen  r  Zombie_Apocalypse  angst  tragedy  fic 
7 weeks ago by ashleytotherescue
Trump’s El Paso Photo Is Obscene - The Atlantic
"The latest publicity photograph of the president in El Paso, Texas, knocked me into silence for a good half hour this morning while I tried to figure out the many layers of obscenity on display. The photo features a baby whose parents were killed in El Paso a few days ago. The baby survived because his parents shielded him with their bodies. In the photo, he is cradled by Melania Trump. The president is next to her; both are smiling broadly, and the president is offering a thumbs-up. The child is expressionless and wearing a cute plaid bow tie."
trump  photo  shooting  texas  tragedy  orphan 
august 2019 by gohai
One is Chinese. One is American. How a journalist discovered and reunited identical twins

The mother had given birth in a bamboo grove, trying to avoid detection by the government. She and her husband then fled to another province with one twin while leaving the other with an uncle and aunt. But one day when the girls were almost 2 years old, five men working for family planning stormed the house, restrained the aunt and took away the screaming toddler.

He told me his father had been pressuring them to have a boy — in keeping with rural tradition in which the family line is continued through men. His family had lived in Gaofeng for hundreds of years, and it was the men who tended the graves in the family cemetery. When the twins were born, he was pleased to be defying the expectations. “I was so happy when they were born. I couldn’t stop laughing.”

She kept replaying in her head a scene she’d read in a magazine about a 2-year-old girl crying “No, Daddy!” as her father threw her down a well.

“I cried whenever I thought about that girl,” she said. “I knew we had to adopt from China.”

The twins didn’t look directly at each other. They stood side by side, facing a photographer we had brought along. Nobody spoke. Nobody moved. I imagined the twins as a bride and groom in an arranged marriage meeting for the first time.

Nearly 150,000 children have been adopted from China since 1992, 96,000 of them Americans, mostly girls.
hunan  tragedy  twin  american  chinese  reunion  from instapaper
august 2019 by aries1988

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