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Going With the Flow of Traffic - WSJ
Mathematicians have studied traffic flow by means of a clever shift in perspective. Instead of regarding each car as an individual entity, we can treat traffic as a substance that is flowing like a fluid. This sort of abstract reframing is often useful for connecting one situation to another that is better understood—in this case, the rich field of fluid dynamics.

When studying a fluid, the basic variables are its density and flow rate. In the simplest case of water flowing smoothly through a pipe or traffic flowing smoothly on a highway, the density and the flow rate are constant. But obstacles, junctions and changes in the size of the pipe or highway disrupt the flow and have progressive knock-on effects. The density of traffic changes in response to these issues as drivers hit the brakes and bunch up in slow-moving traffic.
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7 days ago by dwalbert
De beste bijdragen aan het NVC 2018 - Verkeerskunde: hét multimediale platform voor verkeerskundigen
Pascal van den Noort, Vélo Mondial en Marie-Jose Olde Kalter van Goudappel Coffeng wonnen respectievelijk de Inspiratieprijs Brabant en de Prijs voor de Beste Bijdrage NVC 2018.
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13 days ago by lena
Highways England’s Strategic Road Network Initial Report - GOV.UK
The Strategic Road Network Initial Report (SRNIR) sets out our proposals and recommendations for Road Period 2 (2020-2025).
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14 days ago by asaltydog
Are mobile news aggregators on the rise as referral traffic sources?
But one day at the beginning of October I was looking at a story in Currents and noticed another referrer in the mix: SmartNews.
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16 days ago by smartnews

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