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U.S. Steel wins tax breaks from one of America's poorest cities
United States Steel Corporation founded Gary, Indiana in 1906 - naming it after co-founder Elbert Henry Gary - and the city's fortunes have been closely tied to the company ever since.
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13 days ago by areadevelopment
Trade War with China May Hurt U.S. Warehouse Sector - National Real Estate Investor
Thousands of manufacturing jobs in Western U.S. depend on components and raw materials imported from Asia.
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Economists boost Q4 growth closer to 3% as trade war hits imports - CNBC
Economists boosted their forecasts for U.S. fourth quarter growth Wednesday, after a surprise narrowing of the trade gap in November due to a drop in imports.
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Where Europe Would Be Hurt Most by a No-Deal Brexit - The New York Times
How vulnerable each region is to economic disruptions from Brexit: Parts of Germany are especially vulnerable. Sicily could skate by.
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​4 Trends Shaping Industry 4.0 in 2019 - BDO
While on the surface, the forces shaping 2019 present a mixed bag for manufacturers eager to start or ramp up their Industry 4.0 plans. The reality is that the reduced corporate tax rate, strong economic fundamentals and high demand for their products means that manufacturers are well positioned to make long term investments in Industry 4.0 strategies and technologies.
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16 days ago by areadevelopment
A Tiny Screw Shows Why iPhones Won’t Be ‘Assembled in U.S.A.’ - The New York Times
Despite a trade war between the United States and China and past admonishments from President Trump “to start building their damn computers and things in this country,” Apple is unlikely to bring its manufacturing closer to home.
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23 days ago by areadevelopment
Trade war: Firms look to new factories as tariffs bite - BBC News
The world's largest maker of industrial computers, Taiwan's Advantech, plans to boost US production to combat the hit from the trade war.
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23 days ago by areadevelopment
China's slowing economy hits companies beyond Caterpillar and Nvidia - CNBC
Disappointing results from construction machinery giant Caterpillar and a pessimistic revenue forecast from chipmaker Nvidia point to a broader impact to the global business community from China's economic slowdown, analysts said on Tuesday.
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23 days ago by areadevelopment
US-China trade war: Trump is winning but things could change - Business Insider
China's economy has taken a beating in recent weeks. Manufacturing is contracting for the first time in two years. There's a real-estate crisis. China just posted its first annual decline in car sales in 20 years. There's a retail slump. Foreign investment into China has plummeted.
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5 weeks ago by areadevelopment
U.S.-China trade war takes toll on global manufacturing - Reuters
Factory activity weakened across much of Europe and Asia in December as the U.S.-China trade war and a slowdown in demand hit production in many economies, offering little reason for optimism as the new year begins.
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7 weeks ago by areadevelopment
U.S. Farmers Fear Lucrative Japanese Exports Will Wither - WSJ
Two new trade pacts will soon cut Japanese tariffs and ease quotas on products sold by some of American agriculture’s biggest competitors.
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7 weeks ago by areadevelopment
U.S.–Norway Relationship: Strengthening it Yields Dividends for National Defense - National Review
In Executive Order 13806, issued July 2017, President Trump ordered a comprehensive analysis of the assessment and strengthening of the U.S. manufacturing and defense industrial base. The sobering result from the analysis is that the U.S. is struggling: increasingly dependent on foreign suppliers, losing its domestic manufacturing capabilities, and suffering from a decline in science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills among its citizens.
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8 weeks ago by areadevelopment
One Year Later: The Impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act - Area Development
We are just beginning to see the economic effect of the TCJA, passed in December 2017, but tax cuts are among many factors influencing U.S. investment decisions.
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9 weeks ago by areadevelopment
Theresa May to face no-confidence vote amid Brexit chaos - CNN
Theresa May vowed to fight for her political life Wednesday after members of her own party triggered a vote of no-confidence in her leadership over her handling of Brexit.
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10 weeks ago by areadevelopment
Automakers in the crosshairs as Democrats head for Congress - CNBC
Sometime in the coming weeks, the Trump Administration will announce final plans for rolling back the Corporate Average Fuel Economy, or CAFE, standards considered one of the signature accomplishments of the preceding Obama White House.
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november 2018 by areadevelopment
What’s Your U.S. Manufacturing and Tariff Strategy? - Area Development
With the uncertain future of new tariffs and penalties, is it time to consider building a manufacturing site in the United States?
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november 2018 by areadevelopment
NAFTA By Any Other Name Is Just Fine with Corporate America - IndustryWeek
New regional value content requirements could push production from Mexico’s cheaper labor market to the U.S.
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october 2018 by areadevelopment

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