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"When braving harsh winter elements is part of the job, you need an ice cleat that keeps up with you. The STABILicers® Maxx2 cleat was designed for aggressive traction. Engineered for high-performance and durability, the Maxx2 features long-lasting soles with 15 heat-treated steel cleats that bite into the slickest ice and deepest snow with ease. The STABILicers Maxx2 attaches to a variety of boots with secure hook-and-loop straps."
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6 days ago by doglord
Trail Crampon - HillsoundUSA
"The Hillsound® Trail Crampon is a necessity for added traction when out hiking on the local trails or deep in the backcountry. Tested on the trails of the Himalayas, the Hillsound® Trail Crampon is guaranteed to handle diverse winter terrain and weather conditions. Utilizing an ergonomic plate system, this crampon provides excellent traction and reduces muscular fatigue for your winter wilderness pursuits."
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6 days ago by doglord
Four Tips For "Crushing" Your Rocks Every Quarter
Itemized list of things to do to ensure successful completion of Rocks.
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december 2018 by ilias

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