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everydayCheck | Features
Nice tool (and good landing page) for tracking and improving habits
habits  tracking  software  saas 
yesterday by dmje
How to Track a “Button Click” Event in Google Analytics Using Google Tag Manager | 451 Heat
You don’t have to be a developer to implement Google Analytics events. Follow this 10-step guide to implement button click events on your website using GTM.
ga  tracking  events  tagmanager  howto  clicks 
2 days ago by theafter
Keeping track of letter-spacing, some guidelines
In this post, I'm going to dive deep into a seemingly simple typesetting topic—effective use of letter-spacing—and how it relates to web typography.
fridayfrontend  css  letter-spacing  typography  kerning  tracking 
5 days ago by spaceninja
Tell-all telephone | Data Protection | Digital | ZEIT ONLINE
Example tracking of one German politician just from social media information and data retained by his mobile phone provider.
data  mobile  phone  privacy  tracking 
5 days ago by chrismyth

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