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Critical security flaws remain in smartwatches for kids • Forbrukerrådet
Norway's Consumer Council on Mnemonic's smartwatches, the "Gator" model:
<p>Gator Norge gave the customers of the Gator2 watches a new Gator3 watch as compensation. The Gator3 watch turned out to have even more serious security flaws, storing parents and kids’ voice messages on an openly available webserver. The new watches also came with a significantly more expensive phone subscription.

In October, GPSforBarn launched the new app (GPSforalle) that works together with the watches. It contains <a href="">similar security flaws as described with their previous app</a>, the SeTracker. [in October 2017]

It is disconcerting that manufacturers, importers and retailers do not have better control over the products that they are selling. This is especially worrying when regarding safety-related products directed toward children, that could instead put the child in harm’s way, [Norway's digital director of the Consumer Council] Finn Myrstad says.</p>

The previous complaints were that "strangers can easily take control of the watch and track, eavesdrop on and communicate with the child. They may be able to track the child as it moves or make it look like the child is somewhere it is not. Some of the data is transmitted and stored without encryption."

And they managed to make it <em>worse?</em>
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3 days ago by charlesarthur
General Sleep Corporation
"I have a Ph.D. in Psychology with a focus on Sleep Medicine. I was also a Research Scientist at Fitbit for a while. Anyway if you can shell out some bucks ($500) the Z-machine is FDA-approved to measure sleep stages at home. It's awesome! You use stickers to place an electrode behind each ear - I hardly feel it and I'm super sensitive. For example I personally could never sleep with the Zeo - found it too cumbersome. But this is great - encourage anyone interested in their sleep quality to give it a try." - Adrienne Tucker
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4 days ago by dandv
All You Need to Know About Cookies | Cookiepedia
Plug a site in, get a list of cookies back. Good for assessment phase and identifying notification requirements.
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4 days ago by loughlin
All You Need to Know About Cookies | Cookiepedia
Plug a site in, get a list of cookies back. Good for assessment phase and identifying notification requirements.
privacy  PrivacyKitForBusiness  tool  tools  cookies  tracking 
4 days ago by loughlin
The Internet Isn’t the Wild Wild West Anymore. It’s Westworld. (april 2017)
last week both the Senate and the House — overwhelmingly with Republican votes — voted to overturn those limits, and to ban the FCC from ever imposing them again. President Trump is expected to sign the legislation, permanently making the internet a place for rapacious data collecting from largely unwitting consumers.
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5 days ago by rachaelsullivan
DHL eCommerce Tracking
tracking number - GM605117019000449883
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5 days ago by beckymonster
CoinTracking · Bitcoin & Digital Currency Portfolio/Tax Reporting
CoinTracking analyze all your trades and generates in real time tons of useful information such as the profit / loss of your trades,
the value of your coins, balances, realized and unrealized gains, reports for tax declaration, and much more.

With the current and historical prices for all 5036 existing currencies, you will get the complete overview.

Sign up now and never lose track again!
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6 days ago by kaxing

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