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Backstage Blog - Using Kubernetes Pod Metadata to Improve Zipkin Traces - SoundCloud Developers
pretty good ideas!

After brainstorming, we realized we could customize the Zipkin collector to transform the span on the fly, performing a quick reverse IP lookup of the Kubernetes pod metadata and replacing the caller’s version of the Zipkin service name with one assembled from the callee’s pod labeling:

Responses from this service contain a rich set of pod metadata that goes beyond what’s merely necessary to assemble a good Zipkin service name, and we add all of this data as extra annotations on the Zipkin span.
kubernetes  monitoring  tracing 
8 hours ago by jessedavis
Debugging Microservices: How Google SREs Resolve Outages
Adam Mckaig and Liz Fong-Jones talk about how SREs discover and debug problems at Google during outages, and share real stories about their experiences.
debugging  tracing  administration 
8 days ago by jessedavis
Peter Bourgon · Observability signals
Quote: "The write path could accept raw events, de-mux them into metrics, traces, and logs heuristically or by the “shape” of the data, make the relevant optimizations, and store them into purpose-driven backends. The read path could provide a single pane-of-glass-style interface abstracting over those backends."
observability  monitoring  tracing  logs  metrics 
17 days ago by ajohnson1200

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