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Bad RSA Library Leaves Millions of Keys Vulnerable | Hackaday
So, erm… good news everyone! A vulnerability has been found in a software library responsible for generating RSA key pairs used in hardware chips manufactured by Infineon Technologies AG. The vulnerability, dubbed ROCA, allows for an attacker, via a Coppersmith’s attack, to compute the private key starting with nothing more than the public key, which pretty much defeats the purpose of asymmetric encryption altogether.

Affected hardware includes cryptographic smart cards, security tokens, and other secure hardware chips produced by Infineon Technologies AG. The library with the vulnerability is also integrated in authentication, signature, and encryption tokens of other vendors and chips used for Trusted Boot of operating systems. Major vendors including Microsoft, Google, HP, Lenovo, and Fujitsu already released software updates and guidelines for mitigation.

The following key length ranges are now considered practically factorizable (time complexity between hours to 1000 CPU years at maximum): 512 to 704 bits, 992 to 1216 bits and 1984 to 2144 bits. Note that 4096-bit RSA key is not practically factorizable now, but may become so, if the attack is improved.

The time complexity and cost for the selected key lengths (Intel E5-2650 v3@3GHz Q2/2014):

512 bit RSA keys – 2 CPU hours (the cost of $0.06);
1024 bit RSA keys – 97 CPU days (the cost of $40-$80);
2048 bit RSA keys – 140.8 CPU years, (the cost of $20,000 – $40,000).
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12 days ago by bwiese
Grassley Appeals To Trump: Firing Mueller Would Be Presidential ‘Suicide’ – Talking Points Memo
“I think it would be suicide for the President to fire him,” Grassley said in a brief interview clip aired on CNN. “I think the less the President says about this whole thing, the better off he will be. And I think that Mueller is a person of stature and respected and I respect him. Just let the thing go forward.”
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IRID9670TPM20LINUXTOBO1 Infineon Technologies | Mouser
IRID9670TPM20LINUXTOBO1 Infineon Technologies Security / Authentication Development Tools OPTIGA TPM SLB 9670 TPM2.0 Infineon's Trusted Platform Module (TPM) SLB9670 is a fully TCG standard compliant TPM 2.0 with a SPI interface. datasheet, inventory, & pricing.
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january 2018 by arisco97

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