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How to choose the best Wi-Fi replacement for your Apple AirPort routers | Macworld
We’ve recently picked our top Wi-Fi systems, all of which are mesh:

Netgear Orbi received our top marks. For $300 you can buy two nodes, a Router and full-sized Satellite each of which has ethernet LAN ports (3 and 4, respectively). Or, for the same price, get a bundle with the Router model and two smaller satellites, which have an integral AC power plug but no ethernet ports.
Linksys Velop offers better throughput through its radio design. For $340, a two-node package can blanket many houses; a three-node bundle is $450. The units include two gigabit ethernet jacks under their bases, one of which has to be connected to a broadband modem on one of the nodes.
TP-Link Deco M5 is our budget pick, with less throughput but only costing $230 for three nodes.
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may 2018 by rdump
TP-Link abusing NTP
Wasting public resources and your bandwidth
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