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Amazon's New Toy Story |
We admit, it may seem a strange time to declare toys sizzling — since, about a week ago, the nation’s largest purveyor of toys, Toys R Us, switched off the lights and closed its doors for the last time at locations nationwide. Geoffrey the Giraffe is, sadly, no more. Though millennial parents were hit with nostalgia, when it comes to the world of toy sales going forward, market watchers of all kinds have been asking themselves the same question for weeks: Now what?

Toys R Us, despite its myriad of struggles with expensive debt and slipping sales over the last decade or so, was nonetheless something of an American institution. Even in its declining days, Toys R Us represented some 12 percent of the U.S. toy market and its sudden disappearance left toy brands — large and small — quaking, as they now find themselves competing for shelf space that is vastly diminished.
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Build-A-Bear 'pay your age' offer abandoned amid 'chaos' - BBC News
A cheap teddy offer which left shoppers with young children queuing for up to eight hours amid chaotic scenes has been abandoned over "safety concerns".
Build-A-Bear Workshop was offering UK customers a chance to buy any bear, which can cost up to £52, for the price of their child's age.
At Leeds' White Rose Shopping Centre police were called when queues of "about a mile long" formed.
The company said the response had been "overwhelming and unprecedented".
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