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Trumpy Bear: 22-inch toy with US flag stuffed inside / Boing Boing

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Trumpy Bear [Amazon] is a thing this holiday season: an incredibly expensive teddy bear with a blond wig stapled on and a flag stuffed into a "hidden zipper". Wittgenstein's advice is recommended: "What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence."
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7 hours ago by dancall
Toy Ads - Media Literacy Clearinghouse
Analyzing commercials at Christmas as teaching media literacy
medialiteracy  alp  remc  toys  commercial 
22 hours ago by amann
Meg's Toy Box
Toy library in Hackett, canberra
yesterday by aaronmaras
Amazon Publishes Toys Catalog For The Holidays |
Amazon is launching its first-ever printed holiday toy catalog, shipping “A Holiday of Play” to millions of its customers starting this month.
“Amazon is excited to offer a new way for customers to shop for toys this holiday season,” Amazon said in a statement, according to CNBC.

There were rumors back in July that Amazon was looking to step in to fill the void Toys R Us left and print a holiday catalog of its own. Among the reasons Toys R Us went out of business, of course, was competition from online stores like Amazon (and big box retailers like Walmart, which actually displaced it as the nation’s largest seller of toys some time ago). But despite its many struggles, the famous  “Big Book” toy catalog was a staple of fall for families nationwide.
amazon  toys  o2o  Christmas  ecommerce 
4 days ago by dancall
Tiggly On Smart Toys to Reduce Screen Time |
And as a recent New York Times report pointed out in great detail, attitudes about kids and tech are changing. In Silicon Valley’s most elite private schools, the policy is no screen time for any student. And among the programmers who build the tech, there is a lot of genuine uncertainty about how safe it is to put that tech into their own kids’ hands.

The trouble is that good or bad, screens exist – and are so incredibly prevalent at this point that without an awful lot of vigilance (not to mention a pretty large amount of free time and stimulating analog toys), it is hard to keep kids off them.

But the team at Tiggly has a different idea when it comes to kids, screens and playtime. Instead of trying to swim against the current and fight what is likely a losing battle against technology, their focus is finding ways to make screens a part of playtime without allowing passive staring or semi-active tapping to become a kid’s dominant mode of play.
kids  toys  education  new-companies  detox 
4 days ago by dancall
Analyzing Lego porn, the fetish that will ruin your childhood
“There are of course ways to explore that in reality while being safe, sane, and consensual,” she said. “However, not everyone’s ready to take the plunge from playing with toys to actualizing it in reality with a human, and perhaps some of the people playing with Lego don’t really want that. Maybe their arousal comes from the actual toys. We can’t really know unless we ask. Even then it might be unconscious.”
lego  toys  fetish 
6 days ago by terry
Cubeecraft - Free Papercraft Toys
stumbled on from ianscott blender modeling tutorial. (NLA Editor tutorial - in the Blender Goodies playlist)
papercraft  toys  design  fun 
10 days ago by bytezen
janice_lester | Something New
“Your place or mi—” he begins once they’re safely out of earshot of the curious transporter technician.

“Mine,” she snaps, as if it should be obvious. “I’ll see you there in half an hour, and I shall expect you freshly showered and—” she whistles and slaps his rump, “—clean and wearing none of that atrocious aftershave you like.”

She leaves him standing open-mouthed like a cuckoo clock on the hour in the middle of the corridor, gaping after her as she stalks off, hips swaying, with a strap-on sex toy in its laughably indiscreet packaging tucked under one arm.
st:aos  kirk/uhura  toys  pegging 
13 days ago by runpunkrun

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