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Thomas Train Stunts - YouTube
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9 days ago by slnbookmark
The TKSST Gift Guide
"Over 300 smart gift ideas for all ages, curated by The Kid Should See This"
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16 days ago by inuwali
I turned a Furby into an Amazon Echo. Introducing: Furlexa - howchoo
I thought I'd make Furby a little less annoying and give him an upgrade with a real brain. Step aside, Tin Man. By combining a Raspberry Pi Zero W (a tiny computer), Amazon's (mostly) open-source Alexa Voice Service software, and a few other electrical components, I converted my normal Furby into an Amazon Echo.
furby  alexa  project  furlexa  raspberrypi  raspberrypizero  toy 
17 days ago by cyberchucktx
Royelles Avatars Are More Than Just Dolls, Empowering 1 Million Girls
Empower all the girls in your life to be authentic, bold and brilliant with the immersive, holistic, Royelles avatars experience. Join the #royellesrevolution
female  culture  racism  entertainment  toy 
18 days ago by WillItWork
GameShell, Open Source Retro Gaming & STEM Portable Console by clockwork — Kickstarter
clockwork is raising funds for GameShell, Open Source Retro Gaming & STEM Portable Console on Kickstarter!

GameShells is a modular handheld console that allows you to play & modify retro games and DIY new devices.
code  kickstarter  stem  game  toy 
4 weeks ago by laochenstudent

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