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Palytoxin Cures Cancer?
All this really does is highlight the need for more basic taxonomic research into corals and their byproducts.
oncology  marine  biology  coral  toxin 
12 weeks ago by jntolva
The Dangers (and Myths) of Zoa Toxicity (Part 1)
mutuki is reported from intertidal to shallow subtidal habitats (often alongside Palythoa tuberculosa), and its long tentacles indicate a more predaceous existence. It also has a tendency to deeply cup its polyps, as if reaching its tentacles out to feed. Co
aquarium  zoanthus  toxin 
january 2018 by muffin
Scientific Opinion on acrylamide in food
title - Scientific Opinion on acrylamide in food , search Wiley online library publisher of EFSA Journal for Acrylamide et. c CONTAM EFSA European_Food_Safety_Authority
toxin  dX 
may 2017 by Brian-Green
Arsenik i ris
”Ett sätt att minska mängden arsenik är att koka riset med stort överskott av vatten som sedan hälls bort. Då kan arsenikinnehållet i riset minska med mer än hälften.”
rice  health  toxin  arsenic  food 
november 2016 by kr4d
Florida scientists: Don't touch this bug - Story | FOX 13 Tampa Bay
TAMPA, Fla. - As far as bugs go, caterpillars are usually pretty tame – except for one. It's a fat, furry caterpillar that is popping up in trees across Florida, and it's known as the "puss caterpillar," or Megalopyge opercularis. Its fur is actually covered in venom. Doctors from the University of Florida say the second you touch this caterpillar you feel instant, intense pain, which Holly Nokes can attest to. "Had one land on my camera strap last year," Nokes told FOX 13. "Burning-stinging-on-fire pain within a second of coming in contact with it. No itching just nonstop, excruciating pain. Six hours after, experienced chest pain, too," said Nokes, which led her to the emergency room. Nokes shared a photo with FOX 13 that was taken on September 14 of the caterpillar at Lettuce Lake Park. Doctors say the pain is worse than a bee, jellyfish, or scorpion, and it can also cause vomiting and convulsions. They say be aware of them while working outdoors because they are known to fall out of trees, which Nokes says is what happened to her.
caterpillar  venom  poison  toxin  florida 
september 2016 by theskett
8 Ways to Reduce Your Chemical Load | Mark's Daily Apple
List for reducing your exposure to common toxic chemicals in branded manufactured products
howto  home  chemical  manufacturing  additive  toxin  health  wellness  apartment  house  2ghcj 
august 2016 by csrollyson

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