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Imagining a Better Boyhood - The Atlantic
Some good points in here. I was certainly interested more in Girl Scouts than Boy Scouts! But I wasn't non-conforming in the usual gender ways, just not competitive or physical.
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2 days ago by UltraNurd
Are all impostors created equal? Exploring gender differences in the impostor phenomenon-performance link

A new study, carried out by Brooke Gazdag and a team led by Rebecca L. Badawy of the Department of Management at Youngstown State University in Ohio, examines the role of gender in the impostor syndrome. As published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, the authors report that males and females with impostor syndrome cope with accountability and react to negative feedback in different ways. If males who see themselves as impostors receive negative feedback and are held accountable for the performance by their superiors, they tend to react more negatively. Women subjected to similar conditions show no such deterioration in performance—on the contrary, they tend to redouble their efforts. […]

After completing the first set of tasks, participants either received negative feedback—irrespective of their actual performance—or were (falsely) informed that their results would be made available to their current professor. In this study design, overall male impostors performed worse in the second test than in the first. "The male participants were more distressed by criticism and tended to give up quicker," says Gazdag. The female participants, on the other hand, put forth more effort and performed marginally better than their male counterparts after they had received negative feedback or had been told that their results would be shown to their professors. "Our study was exploratory in nature, but gender role theory can provides some insights into the findings," says Gazdag. "This theory would suggest that male work performance is strongly focused on competence and performance, whereas women have a stronger tendency to view work from a relational standpoint. The fact that women try harder when they are aware that their performance will be assessed by someone they know therefore conforms to the female stereotype."


Some individuals report feeling inauthentic at work, and fear being found out as a fake or as someone who does not deserve their status or reputation. Termed the imposter phenomenon (IP), this pervasive feeling has recently gained traction and recognition in organizational research. However, the relationship between IP and performance is still not well understood. We present two studies that explore the relationship between IP, performance, and gender under two different conditions: feedback (Study 1, N = 268) and accountability (Study 2, N = 250). Results indicate that male IPs react significantly more negatively under conditions of negative feedback and high accountability. These findings reveal a complex relationship between IP and gender which demonstrate that imposters' gender could potentially exacerbate the negative effects of IP on work outcomes.
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3 days ago by walt74
Peterson thinks he's proving "hierarchies are over 300 million years old!"

Yes. Dr Peterson thinks he's proving "hierarchies are over 300 million
years old!" & thus some kind of universal law. If he or his audience
knew biology, they'd know that chordata (our phylum) and arthropoda
(lobsters' phylum) diverged over a billion years ago.

Jordan Peterson
biology  patriarchy  toxicMasculinity 
24 days ago by campylobacter
Martin Heavy Head on Twitter: "Nuclear families also seem to enable the mini dictator Father. Head of the household who abuses and dominates everyone as he has no power outside that "home.""
"For Blackfoot People, historically, Uncles and Aunts were the ones who scolded Children. Parents were there for coddling and cuddles.

Brothers were also sent to deal with their in laws. If there was a troublesome Husband, he'd have to deal with her Brothers/Cousins.

People lived in camp, and Children were more or less raised communally. Nowadays with the separation of Family into heteronormative capitalistic units of property things like this fall to the wayside.

If you're not seeing your Family on a daily basis, how can customs like this survive?

Nuclear families also seem to enable the mini dictator Father. Head of the household who abuses and dominates everyone as he has no power outside that "home."

I wrote one time of the relationship between these mini dictators, stalkers, cult leaders, and heads of totalitarian states.

Seems like a pretty clear connection just saying that by itself.

Matter of fact, I put it on my blog a few posts down when I was writing for a psychology class "social cognition"

Added more as time went on...why waste the space?

For context though, first Cousins were raised as siblings, which continues to this day. Everyone after that is "Cousin." Depends too. Can be raised with People with no direct genetic relationship but they can be siblings and cousins too.

On my Mom's side I have 54 first Cousins I think. ON my Dad's somewhere around 25. We're all raised as siblings.

Then there are People close to me who i am not "genetically" related to, but we were raised as siblings as well. Same Tribe, just not outright closely related.

They definitely did keep track of these relationships though. If you can count how closely related you are on one hand, then marrying them was a pretty big taboo.
No closer than 5th Cousin.

The catholics changed that though.

Setting up marriages between second cousins.

During Residential School the Priests and Nuns would arrange marriages. No choice who you were in love with, you'd just have to marry them. A lot of Cousins were married that way too."

[See also: "Future Imaginary Lecture: Kim TallBear. “Disrupting Settlement, Sex, and Nature”" ]
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27 days ago by robertogreco
I Was Nice To Nikolas Cruz
That kid was messed up and no one but a professional could have helped him.
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12 weeks ago by UltraNurd
‘Rick and Morty’ and The Rise of The ‘I’m a Piece of Shit’ Defense
Rick is far from a role model, but I doubt his legion of toxic fans see him as one. Instead they’re familiar with a pain that runs parallel to his, and they like his reasons for suffering: his chaotic brilliance, his antisocial bile, and his fatal eagerness to prove that he’s always right. By taking up this mantle, they obscure or aggrandize the faults that truly plague them and miss out on the meta-commentary: were Rick to stop diagnosing himself long enough to reckon with these inner demons, there would be no show. Which, if I’m not mistaken, is exactly what they’re complaining about right now.
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12 weeks ago by beep
The Anger of the White Male Lie – Ijeoma Oluo – Medium
In closing he puts his full name and title. He’s a woodcarver and personal trainer. And, apparently, expert on race and gender studies.

Somebody needs to stop telling these white boys that they can be anything they put their mind to.
ijeomaoluo  race  toxicmasculinity  america  medium  sexism  racism 
12 weeks ago by laurenipsum
The Behavioral Ecology of Male Violence
My argument here is that homicide and warfare are very much ‘natural’ behaviors, often tied to male fitness interests; however, such behaviors are sensitive to socioecological cues, and their prevalence can vary significantly across and within societies. Even among chimpanzees, we see significant variation in rates of lethal violence between different communities, even for those located near each other.

An important strength of the behavioral ecology approach to understanding human behavior is that it goes beyond more narrow ideas rooted in genetic determinism or social constructionism. Violence is not ‘innate’ in the sense of being predictably and rigidly determined by genes alone, nor is it the arbitrary result of socialization or cultural learning. Yet violence is nonetheless rooted in human biology, particularly in sex differences between males and females, and the prevalence of violence can vary substantially across and within cultures due to socioecological factors.

In understanding the cross-cultural trends, as well as accounting for the variation, we can better understand both why males everywhere are, on average, more violent than females, as well as how best to reduce the prevalence of violence within our own societies.
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february 2018 by walt74
Harassment of women developer
Young woman publishes a crypto app; hideous misogynists try to tear her down
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february 2018 by nelson
Toxic Masculinity Is the True Villain of Star Wars: The Last Jedi
SPOILERS: “Poe's character, while not one of the main protagonists, has even more to do in The Last Jedi. However, while he may be filling the role of the dashing pilot that Han did in the Original Trilogy, director Rian Johnson is using the archetype to say something completely different about heroism, leadership, and—perhaps most importantly—masculinity.”
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december 2017 by djwudi

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