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29/11/2017, 17:57
‪@Zehra_Zaidi‬ Thanks. Sorry to hear about that. I have never got too close to them in the streets happily. Hope you're well.
Sunder Katwala (‪@sundersays‬)
29/11/2017, 17:09
US media might want to note Britain First's threats of "militant direct action" against any elected British Muslim politicians ("occupiers") to understand just how extreme they are…
Sunder Katwala (‪@sundersays‬)
29/11/2017, 17:03
I am not saying they don't get any voice. Eg, quoted within a reported package. But Britain First should *not* waltz onto Breakfast TV sofas & eg the 810am slot on Today (That did happen with Anjem Choudary after his Woolwich murderer pals were convicted…)
Owldom (‪@owldom‬)
29/11/2017, 16:56
‪@sundersays‬ ‪@KeejayOV2‬ I beg to differ Sunder
Zehra Zaidi (‪@Zehra_Zaidi‬)
29/11/2017, 16:53
‪@sundersays‬ Good set of tweets. I’ve had this group publicly come at me on the streets in Taleban Hunting Squad hoodies. It is not pleasant.
Sunder Katwala (‪@sundersays‬)
29/11/2017, 16:53
It would be v.interesting to read experts/practitioners in broadcasting on this topic of how to gauge how much airtime to give an extreme, defunct zero support party (with criminal/violent track record) who become the subject of a big UK-US controversy.
Sunder Katwala (‪@sundersays‬)
29/11/2017, 16:50
Reporting has to explain who Britain First are. As a now *defunct* political party & a hate group which has collected more criminal convictions than it has stood in elections recently, there should be a limit to how big a share of voice they get in this.
Sunder Katwala (‪@sundersays‬)
29/11/2017, 16:46
The story is: US President tweets racist, violent and v.unpopular political party who won 56 votes (0.14%) last time they stood for any Parliamentary seat (Rochester, 2014) and who are now statutorily deregistered by Electoral Commission…
Sunder Katwala (‪@sundersays‬)
29/11/2017, 16:40
Response  to  Trump  tweets  will  reinforce  broad  anti-racism  norm  across  mainstream  British  politics.  But  Britain  First  get  profile  boost  to  reach  most  toxic  1-5%.  As  with  Anjem  Choudary_  hope  media  think  seriously  re  how  much  oxygen  hate  group  merits  in  context  of  reporting  story.  from iphone
14 days ago by diasyrmus
RT : Great thread. Better to hire no one than bring in someone that no one wants to work with
Toxic  from twitter
28 days ago by wspr
Why You Need To Know If There’s Mold In Your Home
Mold toxicity is sometimes called “the most prevalent health problem that physicians are completely missing,” as toxic mold is an under-respected threat that causes more damage than people realize.
mold  toxic  remediation 
9 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Google has a bigotted machine learning thing which rates text based on "toxicness".
google  ai  toxic 
9 weeks ago by ebel
Toxic firefighting chemicals may have been spread across Victorian waterways
Potentially carcinogenic firefighting chemicals discovered in a Victorian wetland may have been spread across the state because of a commercial fishing practice known as “ranching”.

The Victorian Environment Protection Authority said testing by the Department of Defence had discovered “elevated” levels of per-and poly-fluoroalkyl substances – commonly knows as PFAS – in animals from the Heart Morass wetlands near Sale in eastern Victoria.

The wetland is popular with fishers and hunters, and while the EPA said people who had eaten the animals were not “at risk of any adverse health effects”, it warned against eating animals from the area.

The results of the testing have not been released, but the EPA said elevated PFAS concentrations had been found in fish, eels and ducks.
Australia  public  discovery  environmental  toxic 
9 weeks ago by dchas
Rex Tillerson, Puerto Rico, and Mexico are using psychological crisis de-escalation techniques to deal with Trump — Quartz
rough summary:

fogging: finding something to agree on with the agitated person to deflect tension
calm: prudence
defense: no retaliation
single point: single speaker
pacification: good-side, selective praise, couch approval and requests.  toxic  abuse  de-escalation  tactics  strategy 
9 weeks ago by po

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