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Sajid Javid exclusive interview: Garden towns and expressway to sprout up in Oxbridge corridor | News | The Sunday Times
Up to five new garden towns are to be approved for the corridor between Oxford and Cambridge under government plans to launch a 'housing revolution' this week.
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8 weeks ago by spencertree
How Suburban Infrastructure Got More Expensive Over Time
“The takeaway from all this is that we have made our suburban development pattern so expensive that we can’t afford to pay for it. At the same time, we’ve made places that are less hospitable, uglier, and overall more unpleasant to be in.”
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10 weeks ago by andrewspittle
Moving to New Orleans from New York City - Curbed
I still miss a few parts of life in a much bigger city. I miss being able to get anything I desire whenever I desire it, and the exhilarating landscape, and the sense that I am exactly where I am supposed to be when I am there, because this is where everything happens. And I miss the people, specifically a group of people I shared a decadent, boozy meal with in Brooklyn last summer, a long table of boisterous, fast-talking, witty, brainy, big-hearted people. My people. Listen, our people can exist anywhere, in cities big or small. I have plenty of friends I love a lot in New Orleans. But that is what I left behind when I left New York, more than anything else. Eighteen years of building friendships. Those people are irreplaceable in my heart.
relocation  cities  towns  life  newyork  neworleans 
january 2019 by johndodds
When Wal-Mart leaves small towns behind - YouTube
One comment stuck out: "people aren't used to dealing with Wal-Mart *leaving*!"
economics  unitedstates  society  towns 
december 2018 by rubenerd

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