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Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos - Steven Strogatz, Cornell University - YouTube - YouTube
This course of 25 lectures, filmed at Cornell University in Spring 2014, is intended for newcomers to nonlinear dynamics and chaos. It closely follows Prof. ...
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Laplace Beltrami geometry processing
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18 days ago by taylorshaw
All the best documentaries on Netflix, Amazon and YouTube | WIRED UK
WIRED's 'Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of hardware'
We examine the unique manufacturing ecosystem that has emerged and gain access to the world’s leading hardware-prototyping culture, while challenging misconceptions from the west. The film looks at how the evolution of “Shanzhai” – or copycat manufacturing – has transformed traditional models of business, distribution and innovation, and asks what the rest of the world can learn from this so-called “Silicon Valley of hardware".
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