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Love Songs for the Misanthropic - Destiny's Bitch : A Love Story 1/2
Summary:Jim doesn't even know where to start. Blurting out: 'I got shot in the ass by this planet's version of cupid, only with more teeth and claws, and then I fucked Uhura's boyfriend on the ground after the most emotionally intimate experience of my sad, sad life' seems crass.
kirk  spock  enterprise!crew  pining  pining!kirk  pining!spock  kirk/spock  first-time  mindmeld  touchtelepathy  fic  fanfiction  angst  hurt/comfort  valentine  sexpollen  amtdi  adult  r  slash  startrek  startrek2009  love  romance  humour  crack  author:nix-this  mccoy  chess  intoxication  mission  oc 
february 2011 by jumpmybones
Deus ex Spockina - Shine Like the Sun (1/3)
Prompt-fill. An accident leaves Spock with amnesia. His last memory is bringing a cadet up on charges for cheating on the Kobayashi Maru - a cadet who, to his disgust, is now his bondmate.
angst  heartbreaking  sad  kirk/spock  kirk  spock  established-relationship  memory-loss  amnesia  grief  telepathy  touchtelepathy  bondmates  PonFarr  hurt!kirk  hurt!spock  enterprise!crew  spockprime  mccoy  love  romance  startrek  startrek2009  nc-17  adult  bottom!kirk  fic  fanfiction  author:kyliselle  long  amazing 
january 2011 by jumpmybones
notboldly50295 - Necessity (1/2)
When Jim is attacked by a telepathic species, Spock bonds with him to save his life.
Word Count: ~14100

alternate link:
kirk/spock  kirk  spock  slash  fic  angst  fanfiction  startrek  startrek2009  hurt/comfort  first-time  r  mccoy  love  romance  telepathy  touchtelepathy  bonding  author:notboldly 
january 2011 by jumpmybones
notboldly50295 - Aftertaste
Kirk has been having good sex for four months; there’s absolutely no reason for him to be so damn depressed. A sequel to “A Taste of the Exotic” (located here)
fic  fanfiction  slash  sequel  kirk/spock  friendship  angst  startrek  startrek2009  fiction  nc-17  adult  bottom!spock  vulcan!control  vulcan!biology  touchtelepathy  telepathy  kirk  spock  author:notboldly 
january 2011 by jumpmybones
Reaching the Silver Lining by Cruz
Kirk has the nagging feeling that something's wrong with Spock, although McCoy's instruments keep confirming that he's completely recovered from his aborted Pon Farr.
kirk  spock  kirk/spock  mccoy  post-Amoktime  PonFarr  t'hy'la  first-time  sensual  sweet  love  romance  telepathy  touchtelepathy  vulcan!biology  vulcan  slash  startrek  bonding  startrek:TOS  author:cruz  lovely 
january 2011 by jumpmybones
Amanda Warrington - Balance 1/5 | Kirk/Spock | NC-17 | TOS
Spock notices his captain seems to get a thrill out of being in danger and spends months closely monitoring Kirk before appoaching him about it. Just about then, events in his life overtake him...

word count: 28k
christmas  lovely  arousal  fic  fanfiction  startrek  startrek:TOS  bonding  telepathy  touchtelepathy  vulcan!control  vulcan!biology  first-time  fluff  kirk/spock  kirk  spock  mccoy  angst  love  hurt/comfort  author:amanda-warrington  bottom!kirk  bottom!spock  nc-17  adult 
december 2010 by jumpmybones
HOMOSEXUALLY EVER AFTER - Grey Matter | STXI | NC-17 | Part 1/2
At the Starfleet Winter Masquerade, Jim Kirk encounters a mysterious man dressed as a Vulcan. The consequences of one night of fun threaten to come back in ten-fold.
nc-17  adult  academy-fic  mirror-universe  kirk/spock  kirk  spock  mirror!kirk/mirror!spock  mirror!kirk  mirror!spock  bottom!kirk  gaila  angst  author:lalazee  dark  clothes  fic  fanfiction  d/s  telepathy  touchtelepathy  biting  violence  drama  romance  first-time  first-meeting  smart!kirk  startrek2009  startrek 
december 2010 by jumpmybones
Shatter Me With Dawn - the_moonmoth - Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
"Destroy it," he orders. "All of it." Spock does not wait to watch it burn, the orange glow of the explosion following him into the turbolift.
angst  sacrifice  friendship  action  aliens  drama  love  kirk/spock  kirk  spock  mccoy  pining!kirk  romance  touchtelepathy  near-death  fic  fanfiction  author:the_moonmoth  startrek2009  startrek  kidnapping 
november 2010 by jumpmybones
rainbowstrlght | FIC: Zenith, R, Kirk/Spock - Masterlist
hen Winona Kirk finds love with the small-town sheriff of Riverside, Jim is uprooted for his high school senior year to the middle of nowhere. But once Jim arrives, he gets wrapped up in the local mystery of a series of crop circles, along with finding himself drawn to a peculiar and enigmatic group of kids - especially one in particular, named Spock. Danger ensues, as Kirk unravels the meaning behind the crop circles, and why Spock and his family live in Riverside.

alternate links:
aliens  twilight-au  au  kirk  spock  chekov  sulu  slash  fic  fanfiction  author:rainbowstrlght  love  romance  vulcan  vulcan!kiss  telepathy  touchtelepathy  mindmeld  t'hy'la  bonding  mccoy  gaila  violence  long  lovely  bigbang  r  angst  winnona  humour  modern  startrek2009  startrek 
november 2010 by jumpmybones
Within Our Reach by starfish422
With a few exceptions, everyone in the auditorium that day assumed the animosity between the two men arose solely from the situation at hand. They were only half correct. Spock had secrets of his own where James Kirk was concerned.

alternate links:
misunderstanding  fic  fanfiction  first-time  virgin!spock  first-meeting  slash  love  pining  pining!spock  pining!kirk  mccoy  enterprise!crew  kirk  spock  kirk/spock  hurt!kirk  hurt/comfort  nc-17  adult  bottom!kirk  spockprime  sarek  touchtelepathy  bonding  telepathy  vulcan!biology  vulcan!control  author:starfish422  startrek2009  startrek 
october 2010 by jumpmybones
Ree - Feathered Frenzy : Master Post
You know of those stories where the transporter sends Kirk or Spock careening into another universe where everything is weird? Well, this isn't one of those. No, this is the story where the transporter makes everything weird in its own universe. Though it skipped the gender-change trope. No, this is a new one. Add on sex, political negotiations, angry admirals, and an unexpected marriage and things get quite complicated.
kirk/spock  kirk  spock  slash  spock/uhura  PonFarr  wingfic  author:triskellion  fic  fanfiction  first-time  drama  romance  transporter-malfunction  friendship  nc-17  adult  romantic  touchtelepathy  telepathy  mindmeld  angst  love  lovely  mccoy  spockprime  t'pau  sweet  fluff  t'hy'la  amazing  bigbang  startrek2009  startrek 
october 2010 by jumpmybones
littlebirdtold - Eye of the Storm - Part 1/5
Three months into their five-year mission, Spock is still with Uhura, and Spock and Jim are at each other's throats when the Enterprise is sent to investigate another lightning storm in space. They encounter a Vulcan ship, commanded by Captain Spock and his very illogical First Officer Jim Kirk who, to everyone's shock, are happily married and in love with each other. The other Kirk disapproves of the fact that his counterpart is letting Uhura have what should be 'rightfully his' and is determined to 'set things right,' but the problem is no one appreciates his meddling.
This is the story of how Jim, Spock and Uhura fought 'destiny' and the other Kirk.
angst  love  romance  lovely  slash  adult  nc-17  bottom!kirk  needy!kirk  hot  fic  fanfiction  au  jealousy  jealous!spock  jealous!kirk  jealous!uhura  possessive!spock  smart!kirk  first-time  hurt/comfort  mccoy  enterprise!crew  hurt!kirk  au-counterparts  established-relationship  telepathy  touchtelepathy  mindmeld  SizeKink  hung!spock  amazing  author:littlebirdtold  kirk  spock  kirk/spock  soulmate  startrek2009  startrek 
october 2010 by jumpmybones

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