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I just starred amospoe:“The queen of all colors is black.” – Henri Matisse on Inoreader
touchpad  ifttt  inoreader 
4 days ago by sjenkins
libinput - ArchWiki
end shows kernel append options for the i8042
lenovo  Computers  Hardware  Linux  touchpad  touchpoint  t410  kernel  append  thinkpad 
december 2017 by themanjay
How to install Synaptics on touchpad on Ubuntu 14.04 - Ask Ubuntu
"touchpad-indicator" seems to have potential, though not a fix for my glitch.
touchpad  ubuntu 
november 2017 by lmoon
Enabling Tap to Click : crunchbangplusplus
Hey there! I just wanted to share my minor solution to a little problem I just had and then fixed. My old Asus EeePC touchpad was not clicking...
debian  crunchbang  touchpad  tapping 
november 2017 by jpin

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