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The Perfect (almost) Touchpad Settings on Linux - howchoo
The touchpad is my #1 concern about switching to linux full time.
linux  touchpad 
5 days ago by pokerone
Synaptics Synaptics TouchPad, v., A02 | Dell UK
Synaptics Synaptics TouchPad, v., A02
dell  m1330  xps  touchpad  driver 
4 weeks ago by theskett
Support for XPS M1330 M1330 | Drivers & downloads | Dell UK
Dell Touchpad / Pointing Stick, v.10.1.2, A02
Mouse, Keyboard & Input Devices 03 Nov 2011

Windows Vista 64 bit
dell  m1330  xps  touchpad  driver 
4 weeks ago by theskett
I just starred keanuital: Who’d have thought it, a cat that loves puddles... on Inoreader
touchpad  ifttt  inoreader 
april 2018 by sjenkins
I just starred osemag: BY DREAMSHOTS on Inoreader
touchpad  ifttt  inoreader 
march 2018 by sjenkins
Get a rock-solid Linux touchpad configuration
Config file settings for Thinkpad trouchpad jitter fix.
howto  how-to  touchpad  jitter  Thinkpad  linux  config 
march 2018 by Merkaba

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