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Prefab life | Harris Lebus
By Patricia Wilson nee Robson My paternal grandfather, Walter George Robson, worked for Harris Lebus in 1939, as I discovered whilst reading through some old…
architecture  design  government  urban  planning  social  history  prefab  tottenham  haringey  london 
june 2019 by asaltydog
Rowland Hill Ave - a nostalgic memory of Tottenham
Tottenham. I was born in Tottenham 1948. I remember the White Hart Inn, Devonshire Hill Lane, and the dance hall at the back. Also the park round the back of…
architecture  design  government  urban  planning  social  history  prefab  tottenham  haringey  london 
june 2019 by asaltydog
"Tottenham's Trojan Horse? A Tale of Stadium-led Regeneration in North London" graphic book and associated events by Mark Panton and Amanda Lillywhite
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february 2019 by rhys
Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium Development
Arcadis, working with Tottenham Hotspur Football Club (THFC), Arcadis is delivering Commercial Management expertise and Lenders Technical Advisory services for the redevelopment of the football club’s new stadium.
.... with the Board of Tottenham Hotspur Football club and their financiers, Bank of America, HSBC and Goldman Sachs, Arcadis played a leading technical role in defining the commercial execution strategy for the project and assisting in the process of raising private finance.
*The club chose to execute the redevelopment project through a construction management form of procurement route, which typically places more risk on the client to manage any potential cost over-runs and programme delays. Arcadis undertook various stress tests to assess the approach being taken by the club and their Construction Manager (Mace) to manage risk.
*It was the first time a large-scale stadium project in the UK has used this form of procurement. However, with a strong knowledge of trade contracting parties, stadium suppliers and a database of over 100 stadiums delivered around the world, Arcadis has been able to guide the club in making the best strategic decisions around development and delivery, diligently helping to de-risk the project.
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february 2019 by spencertree
Stadium | Tottenham Hotspur
A Tottenham Hotspur site devoted to their new stadium project. Has lots of good photographs and a couple of livecams. For some more detailed information about procurement and the project see the Arcadis site devoted to the project at:
Tottenham  stadium  p33506 
february 2019 by spencertree
Mace says faulty wiring behind Spurs stadium delay | News | Building
Exclusive: Contractor breaks silence on problems as Premier League club prepares to unveil a new opening timetable (mark reynolds)

*Mace has broken its silence over its problems on Tottenham Hotspur’s late-running stadium with the firm blaming faulty wiring for the ground busting its opening deadline.
*The news came as the pair met yesterday (Tuesday) morning to set out a new opening timetable after the club last week blamed “safety critical issues” for the delay.
*Mace chief executive Mark Reynolds told Building the firm had discovered problems with the wiring for fire detection systems during commissioning and testing work.
Tottenham  stadium  construction  delays 
october 2018 by spencertree
RT : Getting the word out about proportional representation today in - because if we can't t…
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RT : Anyone need/know of anyone who might want extra in ? They’re in “NoTo” 🤨
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august 2018 by matsimpsk
RT : I’ve set up an amateurish blog reviewing interesting pubs. First up in which reflects t…
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