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Shopify/slate: Slate is toolkit for developing Shopify themes. It is designed to assist your workflow and speed up the process of developing, testing, and deploying themes to Shopify stores.
This looks promising. I tried it. However, the development mode with the local browser (localhost:8080) feature is kind of broken since you have to get your browsers to trust a self signed certificate and that's a pain in the ass.
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yesterday by racl101
How to Make Vegan “Beef” Broth – Vegan Kitchen Magick
Vegan recipes for all occasions, from simple everyday fare to elaborate holiday feasts. There are three basic broths that every vegan should know how to make: vegetable, “beef”, and chick’n.
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yesterday by cwebbdesign
Running a Python script from PHP - Stack Overflow
I haven't tried this way for myself yet. I opted to use Symfony's Process library instead.
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7 days ago by racl101

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