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Annotations for a Self-Made Elegy - igrockspock - Torchwood [Archive of Our Own]
After Toshiko records her good-byes, she watches them to make sure she got it right.
fic  Torchwood  ToshikoSato  igrockspock 
december 2015 by adanska
One Chrysalis at a Time - igrockspock - Torchwood [Archive of Our Own]
Tosh has always known that postcards are not a substitute for a relationship with her mother. It takes a space pig to help her figure out what to do about that.
fic  Torchwood  ToshikoSato  JackHarkness  igrockspock 
december 2015 by adanska
sam_storyteller: Ghosting
Tosh has left more of herself behind than she intended.
fic  Torchwood  ToshikoSato  crew  sam_storyteller  posts2finale 
october 2011 by adanska
Adina's Journal - Fic: Geek Gifts (Torchwood)
Tosh waited patiently for her voice to penetrate Ianto's focus on the computer. If anyone was going to understand what her mother used to call a programmer's trance, Tosh was. She smiled; it was good to have someone else at Torchwood who knew computers, not just to use but someone who took joy in the elegance of logic, the challenge of a good puzzle. Ianto was self-taught, and it showed sometimes in his code, but he had a genius for thinking sideways, for slipping under, around, or through security protocols.

Of course their current task was to find and fix all the ways Ianto had bypassed their security while hiding a Cyberman in the lower levels, ensuring that no one, including himself, could repeat the breach. Ianto was--as far as she could tell--cooperating completely.
fic  Torchwood  IantoJones  ToshikoSato  Adina 
october 2011 by adanska
I'll give you what you need [by iamshadow], PG-13
Torchwood3 finds a piece of sentient medical equipment from a thousand years into the future.
torchwood!fic  genfic  JackHarkness  IantoJones  GwenCooper  ToshikoSato  OwenHarper  *device!fic  °iamshadow 
september 2011 by mayachain
Fic: Reclamation (Torchwood, R)
Post CoE. Physical fic. Item: Metal fire-proof box and contents. Catalogue #: 011J36FK-YRT-00l3. Location of retrieval: Roald Dahl Plass, Cardiff (Torchwood Three headquarters). Object was found in debris following explosion at the Torchwood Three Hub; outside of the box is scarred, dented' one box corner depressed; burn marking evident; contents unharmed. Priority: low.
Torchwood  JackHarkness  IantoJones  GwenCooper  OwenHarper  amand_r  r  ToshikoSato  fic 
december 2009 by greenapricot
Torchwood Season Zero. Thirteen episodes that take place before season one presented as detailed episode summaries, website extras and captains logs. Completely brilliant and entirely satisfying. It really does feel just like another season.
Torchwood  longfic  JackHarkness  SuzieCostello  OwenHarper  ToshikoSato  IantoJones  pg13  copperbadge  Whoniverse  fic 
august 2009 by greenapricot
Because I Choose It, Same as You
Tosh wears her duty uniform with trousers. Black trousers and boots, with her science-division blue shirt and her rank visible. She’s Lieutenant Sato on the bridge of the USS Enterprise (even if it’s just temporary, even if she’ll be called back home soon) and that’s important. So she doesn’t really understand Uhura’s persistence with the red skirt and bare legs. Tosh spends too much of her time crawling under consoles and through bits of the engines to trust skirts. But then, she doesn’t understand a lot of things about Uhura. Tosh wasn’t trained to be military, but she would never talk to Captain Kirk the way Uhura does. Tosh wears her hair knotted high up, rather than swinging in a loose ponytail where it might get tangled in something. Tosh just doesn’t understand the dress thing.
fic  fpf  crossover  startrek  whoniverse  torchwood  uhura/tosh  nyotauhura  toshikosato  jackharkness  black_eyedgirl  femslash  kelvin 
june 2009 by wolfgrin
Fanfic: "Small Wonders"
A quiet and gentle little fic, where Jack reveals to Tosh things that happened while he was gone.
torchwood  jackharkness  toshikosato 
march 2009 by pearwaldorf

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