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Peter Watts has written a story about... smart cities and Alphabet's Sidewalk, but it's not out yet, so here's an excerpt ("fiblet")
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yesterday by danhon
Hullmark's Emotophone | Massiv Art
public art installation based on Arthur Aron's 36 Questions that lead to love. Ossington in Toronto.
RP  art  installation  publicart  Toronto  Canada  participation  questions 
2 days ago by yankeh
RT : My two cents on the vs heavy rail to airport debate.
's Union Pearson Express is a role-mod…
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6 days ago by stateless
Direct from Farms | NIKU Farms
Trust the Meat You Eat. Connecting you directly to your local small-scale farm.
toronto  local  meat  delivery  farmville 
7 days ago by shazow
How Canada's Serruya Family Made Some $300 Million Off A Bunch Of Faded Food-Service Brands
Jun 19, 2016, 07:15pm
How Canada's Serruya Family Made Some $300 Million Off A Bunch Of Faded Food-Service Brands

Amy Feldman
Forbes Staff
ice_cream  private_equity  Toronto  franchising  cold_storage  brands  foodservice  Serruya 
7 days ago by jerryking
. alum Raises $3MM to Reinvent How Data Works in the Enterprise
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8 days ago by afroginthevalley
Canadian Language Museum
The Canadian Language Museum was established in 2011 to promote an appreciation of all of the languages spoken in Canada and of their role in the development of this nation. Few countries can match Canada’s rich and varied language heritage, which includes Indigenous languages from coast to coast, the official languages of French and English and their regional dialects, and the many languages brought to this country by more recent immigrants. The Canadian Language Museum encourages dialogue on language issues that are central to the future of Canadian society, such as bilingualism, multilingualism, and language endangerment, preservation and revitalization. The Canadian Language Museum has created travelling exhibits about Canadian English, the Inuit language, French in Canada, the Cree language, the Tapestry of languages in Canada, and 150 years of language use on signs in Toronto.
museum  language  Toronto  Canada 
8 days ago by pgslr
Thankful for being able to call this beautiful city home.
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8 days ago by kartik
Toronto's sailing toward a fiscal iceberg — so why aren't mayoral frontrunners talking about it? | CBC News -
When you add up unfunded costs related to transit, housing and meeting provincial accessibility requirements, the city needs to find some $30 billion.
toronto  budget  finance 
9 days ago by insertrealname
Sidewalk Toronto has only one beneficiary, and it is not Toronto - The Globe and Mail
Sidewalk Toronto is not a smart city. It is a colonizing experiment in surveillance capitalism attempting to bulldoze important urban, civic and political issues. Of all the misguided innovation strategies Canada has launched over the past three decades, this purported smart city is not only the dumbest but also the most dangerous.
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9 days ago by mayonissen

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