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10 Inventions that could SAVE YOUR LIFE - YouTube
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Tornado  shelter  etc  10  Inventions  that  could  SAVE  YOUR  LIFE  -  YouTube  from iphone
6 weeks ago by neerajsinghvns
Chasing Tornadoes With a Camera
There are ways to go about it that are safe—and ways that are definitely unsafe. "Think of the photographer looking to document grizzlies. You can approach and take a picture. But if you make a wrong move you can get killed."

As the director of Silver Lining tours, a company that specializes in extreme-weather travel, Hill spends about four months on the road.
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11 weeks ago by josephaleo
A Storm Chaser's First-Hand Account of the Joplin Tornado
I knew yesterday was going to be a really really bad day, worse than usual, and I thought it was critical that I stream what unfolded as it unfolded. I thought it would be helpful to show people the split-second decisions you have to make while storm chasing. You have to decide: Do I go down this road? How much fuel do I have left? Do I have time to make a one-minute stop? Do I go down this road? If I go in this direction, am I going to get cut off by debris?

My mission has probably been this way because when I was fourteen years old I was washed away by a flash flood in Tulsa and it almost killed me. I almost drowned. From that point of being saved by the Tulsa fire department at age fourteen, weather had a huge impact on my life. From that point on I had a purpose in life to help other people. A lot of times I'm on the scene before the local authorities know what's happening and generally after the disaster is unfolding they'll show up on the scene to get roadblocks up and fix downed power lines. But 99 percent of the time I'm there before anybody knows what's happening.
tornado  softapocalypse  rpg  stormchaser 
12 weeks ago by josephaleo
Storm chaser attacked by knife-wielding man along Texas highway after tornadoes struck near Dallas
"This guy brutally attacked me," Piotrowski told the Daily News. "If I had my gun, I would have shot and killed him."

He unintentionally streamed the dangerous encounter on Periscope, not realizing the man's hand would be on his throat within seconds.
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12 weeks ago by josephaleo
TERRIFYING VIDEO of a girl screaming in her car as a passes right over her!
❗️Caution: Audio is delayed a…
tornado  from twitter_favs
september 2018 by jcoffey42
So looks like I was at the mall when the tornado passed right by.
gatineau  lespromenades  Tornado  from twitter_favs
september 2018 by eljojo
Views from Global Affairs! sighting across the river in around 5:15pm. Watch for the fire shortl…
Gatineau  Tornado  from twitter_favs
september 2018 by eljojo
Multiple warnings and two confirmed on top of the in North Carolina
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september 2018 by ClaimsMate

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