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Ultimate Introduction to Ethereum Ðapp Development - YouTube
I just released the entire Intro to Ethereum Dapp Development series I made last year onto Youtube for free
– Jordan Leigh (AlwaysBCoding)
yesterday by eeichinger
Learn something new everyday, this time courtesy of local coffee shop!
– Nicki Watt (techiewatt)
yesterday by eeichinger
My favorite or most influential Spanish-language works - Marginal REVOLUTION
Greg Irving emails me: Hello Prof. Cowen, I wonder if you might be tempted to create a blog post, at your convenience, of Spanish language works, ideally read in the original, that have most impacted either a) your appreciation for […]
yesterday by colindocherty La verdad de Agamenón (Spanish Edition) eBook: Javier Cercas: Kindle Store
Buy La verdad de Agamenón (Spanish Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews -
yesterday by colindocherty
My @InfoQ summary of @nora_js' great #qconsf talk -> "Designing Services for Resilience Experiments: Lessons from N…
– Daniel Bryant (danielbryantuk)
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yesterday by eeichinger
Some reasons not to code in your spare time:
* Family
* Friends
* 2nd job
* Mental break from work
* RSI prevention…
– mechanical turkey (alicegoldfuss)
yesterday by eeichinger
You Need to Deal With Your Digital Legacy Right Now
It used to be that when someone died, their executor would follow a standard roadmap to settle their estate: clean out the house, go through the file cabinets, and file a tax return at the end of the year. Now this wasn’t exactly easy—handling the administration after a loved one’s death can be emotionally and logistically brutal—but at least everything you were dealing with was tangible. Nowadays we live our lives at least partly online, and that can mean a big headache for our fami...
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yesterday by conradz
How the NBA's most artistic photographer captures player emotions -
“I hear a lot from sports photographers that anybody can shoot basketball. ‘Oh, basketball’s easy because you sit there and it all happens right there in front of you,’” Petersen said. “But I disagree with this.”
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2 days ago by xmanoel

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