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Old Bones - Mhalachai - Bones (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
After the dust settled, Angela put Zack away in a drawer.
Thirteen days since they packed up Zack's life into a cardboard box and shipped it off to the insane asylum, as if was possible to put a killer (their friend) in a box and forget about him.
Cam walked around in a rage meant for no one, anger that she'd missed something, had failed them. Booth stayed away, as if he could distance himself from the stain of a killer with a lack of proximity.
Hodgins wouldn't talk about it (pressing the butto...
fic  Bones  Torchwood  AngelaMontenegro  JackHarkness  Mhalachai  xover  fusion  AU 
28 days ago by adanska
In the Future There Is No Coffee
The team is taken by the Rift and stranded in the future, where they have to adjust to a strange new world.
Torchwood  Jack/Ianto  R-Rated  M/M 
6 weeks ago by Logical-Nonsense
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7 weeks ago by stealingsand
RT : Yaye! Introducing mine & Martha J’s debut! OVERJOYED 2B PART OF THE FAM! Interim timeline que…
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12 weeks ago by h10n
You know, it’s great that is coming back to and through . But if yo…
DoctorWho  Torchwood  from twitter_favs
12 weeks ago by dscassel
There Are Millions of Suns Left.
Tosh and Ianto get together in Jack's absence. Then Jack gets back.
author:basingstoke  torchwood  ianto-jones/toshiko-sato/jack-harkness 
august 2019 by sarapod
Mad_Maudlin - Ghost Story - Doctor Who [Archive of Our Own]
I called out. "Would you like to hear a ghost story?"

For a moment Jack didn't move, and I knew he'd recognized my voice. After a moment he said, flatly, "I don't believe in ghosts."

"It's a complicated story," I admitted, and pulled the watch from my pocket by the chain. "And it starts with 'Long ago and far away.'"
ianto/jack  torchwood 
july 2019 by misbegotten
marginaliana - Always a birthday somewhere - Doctor Who (2005) [Archive of Our Own]
Jack receives two birthday cards telling him that Torchwood is going to have a visitor.
ianto/jack  torchwood 
july 2019 by misbegotten
Stones and Ripples by out_there
Considering that it appeared to be run by a man with no consideration of paperwork, bureaucracy or meticulous thinking, Torchwood Three was the most logical place to hide.
fanfic  torchwood  ao3  author:out_there  Ianto_Jones  Jack_Harkness  words:10.000-20.000  gen(ish)  angst  injury  ocs 
june 2019 by hatinjacket
Defender of the Faith - copperbadge
Torchwood answers to the Queen, serves the people, and shoots some wildlife. [11,307 words]
torchwood  gen  copperbadge  elizabethii  royalty/celebrity  via:cunningplan 
may 2019 by yarngeek
Defender of the Faith - copperbadge
Torchwood answers to the Queen, serves the people, and shoots some wildlife. [11,307 words]
torchwood  gen  copperbadge  elizabethii  royalty/celebrity 
may 2019 by cunningplan
Starring Mr. Ianto Jones As Himself.
"With your hands, that--like before, that one--" That time Jack made him come so hard. He couldn't say it, but Jack knew what he meant.
author:basingstoke  torchwood  jack-harkness/ianto-jones 
april 2019 by sarapod
Nobody Wins Anymore [1]
Torchwood Season 2 AU. Owen is pining for Ianto, and then Owen is dead.

"Well, look, don't broadcast it, but I haven't been staring at your arse for the last three months because you've got the secret of the universe printed on your trousers," Owen tells him bluntly, in that way he has of saying the most inappropriate things possible at the worse possible times.

"You're not... you're not high are you?" Ianto asks, before he can stop himself.

Owen shakes the pill bottle. "Bog standard paracetamol. I told you, I gave back all the cool alien drugs."

"...Oh." Ianto swallows. "You've been staring at my arse for the last three months?"

"I thought you might pick up on it," Owen tells him in an airy sort of voice, though the frustration is plain. "But then you didn't. Sometimes, you can be incredibly dense, Ianto."

We Lied When We Said That We'd Aired All Our Grievances [2]:
I Don't Like Where This Is Going [3]:
Hold Onto The Negatives, They Could Be Worth Something One Day [4]:
Could've, Should've, Didn't [5]:
The One You Don’t Dare Miss (For Fear Of What It Could Lead To) [6]:
author:paperclipbitch  torchwood  ianto-jones/owen-harper 
march 2019 by sarapod
Like There’s A Part Of Me That I Want To Get Back Again
Ianto takes retcon and goes back to work at Torchwood One. Owen can't stay away and can't stop falling in love.
favorite  torchwood  ianto-jones/owen-harper  author:paperclipbitch 
march 2019 by sarapod
They Grip the Ground
"I am a tree," Owen said, creeping forward. "Fuck. Fuck. I am a harmless little tree walking towards you, and you don't care, because I am a tree."

"The monologue isn't necessary," Jack said. He was creeping forward too, string clutched in both hands. "Just believe you are a tree, and the Ronocijitikel will too."

"Fuck you, Harkness," Owen snapped. "I am a tree, I am a tree. If I don't keep saying so, I'm going to look into its little eyes--I am a tree--and then it's going to realize I am not what I say I am--don't listen, Ronnie, I am a tree. And then it's going to eat me."
author:giddygeek  torchwood 
february 2019 by sarapod
Wish You Were Here (And I Wasn't)
“Ok,” Owen begins slowly, “I don’t think the reports were hoaxes.”

The seven-foot blue thing in front of him certainly verifies a lot of things. He takes a step or two back, raising his hand to his comm.

“Jack, how the fuck do I kill it?”

“I don’t even know what ‘it’ is,” Jack points out. “Where are you?”

“The middle of ‘No’ and ‘Where’,” Owen snaps. “I think there are some trees to my left.”

“I’m coming!” Jack yells, nearly deafening Owen in the process. “Just… hold on.”

“Yeah,” Owen mutters, “I’ll just stand here and get eaten. Bloody brilliant idea.”
torchwood  ianto-jones/owen-harper  author:paperclipbitch 
february 2019 by sarapod
Can't Take Me Anywhere
“There’s an alien trying to murder Tosh,” Owen points out.

“Yes,” Ianto looks unbelievably tired, “But I never get evenings off, so I am going to cling onto this one until the creature flies through the window of this restaurant and steals my cheesecake. And you asked me to dinner, so if you’ve decided this was a stupid idea and you want to pretend it isn’t happening, then that’s your problem and not mine.”
author:paperclipbitch  torchwood  ianto-jones/owen-harper 
february 2019 by sarapod
As We Mean To Go On
“It’s more difficult to look up Small Bite-y Things With Teeth in a search engine,” Ianto replies calmly, licking his thumb and index finger and turning a couple more pages over in rapid succession.

“Small Bite-y Things With Teeth doesn’t exactly sound professional,” Owen begins, realising he’s probably down here for the longhaul.

“Does what it says on the tin,” Ianto replies distantly, scanning down a page and then turning it. “There are also files for Things That Are All Shades Of Prussian or Navy Blue and Big Things With More Than Four Tentacles. They get official names, but it’s just quicker to file them by type rather than alphabet. Torchwood Archivists’ code and all.”
torchwood  author:paperclipbitch  ianto-jones/owen-harper 
february 2019 by sarapod

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