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The Hive - Torchwood Fic: Mythology (1/?)
Summary: With mythical beasts turning up all over Scotland, Torchwood Two thought they were in charge; however, so did Torchwood Four. Unfortunately for both parties their main suspect was refusing to talk to anyone other than Torchwood Three’s Ianto Jones. (Sequel to Constant.)
torchwood  Jack/Ianto  established  hel-bee  doctorwho  torchwood.four  torchwood.two  family  jealousy  possessiveness  alien!ianto  immortal!ianto 
august 2008 by southerly
Message in a Bottle
Summary: Nobody has seen or heard from Torchwood Four for more than twenty years, until a message arrives in Cardiff…
torchwood  established  Jack/Ianto  leofuller  the9thdoctor  season2  torchwood.four  timetravel  angst 
july 2008 by southerly
Summary: Ianto's found the opportunity of a lifetime, so long as he and the team can do something about that whole "end of the world" thing. At least Jack's got a great sense of timing.
Torchwood  established  Jack/Ianto  Airavanya  torchwood.four  post-end.of.days  break.up-make.up  angst  season1  post-season 
april 2008 by southerly
The Hive - Torchwood Fic: Lynchpin 1/7
Summary: Torchwood Four want their lynchpin back. Just what has that got to do with Ianto Jones?
torchwood  established  Jack/Ianto  hel-bee  immortal!Ianto  torchwood.four  psychic  season2  alien!Ianto 
april 2008 by southerly
jackxianto: COMPLETE: Shades of Ianto
Ianto: from his assignment to Torchwood 3, through Season 1 and beyond - more than just the tea-boy. Also featuring: secret identities, gifted humans, John Sheppard, dragons, and a younger Jack.
torchwood  established  Jack/Ianto  sarcasticchick  pre-canon  season1  post-end.of.days  AU  crossover  younger!Jack  torchwood.four  favorite  missing.years  implied.pairing  canary.wharf  DoctorWho  spy!Ianto  family  au:mirror  canon.ships  post-season  ★★★★ 
march 2008 by southerly

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airavanya  alien!ianto  angst  au  au:mirror  break.up-make.up  canary.wharf  canon.ships  crossover  doctorwho  established  family  favorite  hel-bee  immortal!ianto  implied.pairing  jack/ianto  jealousy  leofuller  missing.years  possessiveness  post-end.of.days  post-season  pre-canon  psychic  sarcasticchick  season1  season2  spy!ianto  the9thdoctor  timetravel  torchwood.two  torchwood  younger!jack  ★★★★ 

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