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A Ring in the Black Sea [by basingstoke], NC-17
The crossover where Jack Harkness (in the TW S1-2 hatus) is given the unique opportunity to father Teyla Emmagan's child.
sga-fic  Torchwood!fic  *crossover  TeylaEmmagan  JackHarkness  RodneyMcKay  RononDex  JohnSheppard  IantoJones  *anthropology  *hc  *friendship  °basingstoke 
september 2015 by mayachain
Angels In The Architecture [by splash_of_blue], PG-13
Jack Harkness has been buried - sometimes alive, sometimes dead - under Cardiff for centuries. Eventually, this was bound to attract attention from someone who TALKS LIKE THIS.
torchwood!fic  *crossover  °splash_of_blue  JackHarkness  *torchwood.ep.exit.wounds  *hc  *tag 
november 2011 by mayachain
I'll give you what you need [by iamshadow], PG-13
Torchwood3 finds a piece of sentient medical equipment from a thousand years into the future.
torchwood!fic  genfic  JackHarkness  IantoJones  GwenCooper  ToshikoSato  OwenHarper  *device!fic  °iamshadow 
september 2011 by mayachain
The Time Traveler's Daughter [by speedgeek], R
Alice cannot forgive her father. Jack Harkness cannot forgive himself. Throughout her life without Steven, he comes back to her from different points in his timeline, however, and eventually she has to realize they've built a relationship.
torchwood!fic  genfic  JackHarkness  AliceCarter  *grief!fic  *futurefic  °speedgeek 
september 2011 by mayachain

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