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Blue Jays’ Gurriel may be ready sometime in 2018
yesterday by TheSlurve2016
The season that was: Justin Smoak
yesterday by TheSlurve2016
Using Python,Tor & Fabric for remote ssh – GoPyPi – Medium
I have a Raspberry Pi in my home which I wanted to connect remotely, now I have used VPN and also ssh tunnel to connect my server remotely but none of them have been more reliable than tor. From the…
tor  ssh  howto  fabric  python 
yesterday by gilberto5757
Police recover Blue Jays World Series ring stolen in 1994
3 days ago by TheSlurve2016
Thank you for your message of support to Dmitry Bogatov, arrested exit node operator who risks 14,…
Tor  from twitter_favs
3 days ago by javierruiz
Someone Is Trying to Knock the Dark Web Drug Trade Offline
RT : Anyone feel the market attacks are because there's a rush before the switch to next generation onion services?
tor  from twitter_favs
5 days ago by miaeaton
Shadow - The Shadow Simulator
an open-source network simulator/emulator hybrid
runs real applications like Tor and Bitcoin over a simulated Internet topology

light-weight, efficient, scalable, parallelized, controllable, deterministic, accurate, modular, and more!
networking  opensource  security  tor  bitcoin 
6 days ago by tobym
The season that was: Jose Bautista
6 days ago by TheSlurve2016
Blue Jays: A rebuttal to the Morales rebuttal
6 days ago by TheSlurve2016
Secure Messaging with Onion Services, a How-To
A technical explainer from The Tor Project on "how Tor onion services can be integrated into existing web services, making them more secure...Onion services are more secure than services on the wider internet. This is why several large public web services like Facebook and DuckDuckGo provide consumers with the option to connect over Tor, even though they have no need of the anonymity feature. If you want to configure your own onion service, start here []."
otf  tor  onion  security 
8 days ago by dmcdev
How to Use Tor Messenger for macOS (beta)
Mostly this is here to remind myself that Tor Messenger now works on Mac and that I shouldn't give up on XMPP yet... maybe.
Tor  DigSec_HowTo  DigSec_Tools  messaging_apps  OTR  Encryption  Mac  irc  xmpp 
8 days ago by aiefel

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