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Whonix is a desktop operating system designed for advanced security and privacy. Whonix mitigates the threat of common attack vectors while maintaining usability. Online anonymity is realized via fail-safe, automatic, and desktop-wide use of the Tor network. A heavily reconfigured Debian base is run inside multiple virtual machines, providing a substantial layer of protection from malware and IP address leaks. Commonly used applications are pre-installed and safely pre-configured for immediate use. The user is not jeopardized by installing additional applications or personalizing the desktop. Whonix is under active development and is the only operating system designed to be run inside a VM and paired with Tor.
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yesterday by awhite
The New Guide to Running a Tor Relay
Here's the updated guide on setting up a Tor relay, which still isn't that incredibly readable but is a great improvement over what came previously.
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8 days ago by aiefel
The New Guide to Running a @torproject Relay
Tor relies on relays that are volunteer operated - contributing bandwidth and growing the strength and breadth of the Tor network. If you've ever wondered how to run your own Tor relay, look into this guide on how to do so, put together by the Tor Project. The guide will help you figure out how running a relay works, guidance on the technical setup involved, and more resources like legal considerations and how to collaborate with others in your network to optimize your relay running experience. The guide seeks to "grow the Tor network, demystify relay operation for newcomers, make the Tor network more robust, and emphasize diversity on network and OS level."

Access the guide directly here.
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9 days ago by dmcdev
Privacy Pass – Add-ons for Firefox
Cloudflare's CAPTCHA bypass solution, using blinded tokens. Basically, you do one captcha, and you are afforded a certain number of accesses based on that token, so Cloudflare harasses VPN/tor users less.
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11 days ago by asteroza

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