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How Workday Bridges the Gap between Amazon and OpenStack
"“What I will strongly recommend is to build something,” Magana advised. “I keep calling it ‘middleware,’ but something that abstracts the back-end platform, your pipeline system, from the way to deliver your application artifact to production. I strongly recommend that.”

It is nothing like Aporeto’s CEO described it: succumbing to the relentless will of a monopolistic beast with its sights set on world domination. If anything, Workday’s strategy is a do-it-yourself program for making global public cloud deployment viable for an organization that is not, and may not ever be, rooted there to begin with."
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2 days ago by jonerp
Gründe mit Sinn! |
Die Bedürfnisse von Thirtysomethings innerhalb des S-Bahn-Rings stehen im Fokus vieler Gründungen. Doch was ist mit den Menschen, die nicht zu dieser Zielgruppe gehören? Raul Krauthausen fordert dazu auf, nutzerorientiert zu gründen und echte Innovationen für alle hervorzubringen.
Krauthausen_Raul  TOP  Inspiration  Entrepreneurship  social_factor 
3 days ago by snearch
Building Super Fast Web Apps with PJAX
A common issue with this method is executing Javascript when a PJAX page is loaded or unloaded. To handle this the jQuery-pjax library has a number of events you can subscribe.
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5 days ago by chrisdillon
How GE Digital Tackled the Stateful / Stateless Problem for Industrial IoT
"As engineers (including those at the IETF) have come to realize, persistent data will always be a necessary resource for both server-side applications and client-side apps. And the need for the Internet of Things (IoT) applications to maintain a reliable, persistent network of connected sensors and apparati, makes a stable and self-contained network state data platform vitally necessary."
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7 days ago by jonerp
BFI TV 100 - Wikipedia
The judges were also asked to name their top overseas programme; the winner was the US sitcom Frasier.[1]
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8 days ago by quickdrawartist

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