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Nice generative art project
tootme  art  generative  polygons 
17 hours ago by nelson
European language map
Very detailed map with an emphasis on minority languages
maps  languages  linguistics  culture  europe  tootme 
19 hours ago by nelson
Tripartite Identity
Separate user ID from login ID from display name / public ID
identity  login  webdev  tootme  habitat 
22 hours ago by nelson
Old school project to use economics as a basis for computer system design has a new life as smart contracts
bitcoin  ethereum  agoriccomputing  agoric  computing  tootme 
23 hours ago by nelson
Vocaloid / Hatsune Miku music as a sort of soundboard
music  fun  hatsunemiku  vocaloid  via:metafilter  tootme 
23 hours ago by nelson
Meth on BART
Remarkably well composed photo
bart  meth  sanfrancisco  transit  photo  tootme 
yesterday by nelson
Flickr export mini-review
I exported my photos from Flickr, here's what's in the export bundle
flickr  photos  export  archive  tootme 
yesterday by nelson
Sex in America
Major new article studying the idea that young people are having less sex. The details are much more complicated.
tootme  sex  relationships  psychology  america 
yesterday by nelson
Google BGP hijacked
All traffic to a big chunk of Google services was routed to China and Russia after a small Nigerian ISP made a mistake
badtech  bgp  nigeria  internet  tootme  google 
2 days ago by nelson
I Hanker for a Hunka Cheese
Childhood memories of TV ads masquerading as public service announcements
tv  ads  cheese  tootme  food  abc 
2 days ago by nelson
Eve Cemetery explained
Article with screenshots about the in-game graveyard
eveonline  eve  games  cemetery  tootme 
2 days ago by nelson
EVE Cemetery
Eve Online has a player-run cemetery, where corpses are in permanent orbit around a moon
eveonline  games  mmos  cemetery  corpse  tootme 
2 days ago by nelson
RIP email security
Another true crypto believer gives up
email  security  badtech  signatures  tootme  via:robey  pgp 
2 days ago by nelson
Skeleton CSS
A simple / lightweight page framework
skeleton  html  css  development  web  tootme 
2 days ago by nelson
Gerrymandering job
Princeton hiring someone to collect data for OpenPrecincts, a project to let citizens participate in redistricting
tootme  politics  gerrymandering  districts  redistricting  openprecincts 
3 days ago by nelson
About ContraPoints
Year old article about the YouTube phenom, a leftist transgender philosopher who is hilarious
youtube  contrapoints  trans  lgbt  transgender  tootme 
4 days ago by nelson
History of the 17th Amendment
Until 1913 senators were appointed, not elected. It took a threatened constitutional convention to change that
politics  america  elections  tootme  senate  constitution  17thamendment 
4 days ago by nelson
Dick Code (NSFW)
Police sketches for penises. (cis and anatomy normative)
penis  funny  gay  lgbt  tootme 
5 days ago by nelson

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