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A php port of shadowsocks based on Workerman, AEAD supported(PHP 7 >= 7.2.0), UDP supported, compatible with OutLine
A php port of shadowsocks based on Workerman, AEAD supported(PHP 7 >= 7.2.0), UDP supported, compatible with OutLine
php  proxy  network  tools 
50 minutes ago by michaelfox
GitHub - RF3/VMwareVMX: VMware VMX Crypto Module for Python 2 and 3
VMware VMX Crypto Module for Python 2 and 3. Contribute to RF3/VMwareVMX development by creating an account on GitHub.
python  vmware  fmx  encryption  tools 
1 hour ago by po
wiki Table Editor
wikipedia table editor
visual graphic gui
wikipedia  tables  tools 
1 hour ago by xr
Echoes from the Past: Podcasting in the African American Studies Classroom
A short paper about utilizing ethnographic interviews/podcasts for a class assignment instead of a paper.
teaching  learning  2015  audio  podcasts  podcasting  tools  Audacity  production  interviews  JRMC  4460 
9 hours ago by ohradiogirl

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