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Find Wi-Fi | Mylnikov GEO
This website gives opportunity to find all the Wi-Fis on the world.
tools  reference  security  privacy  networking 
10 hours ago by rmohns
Manage your caches through the cli
Manage your caches through the cli
php  opcache  cache  optimization  cli  tools  debug  devops  server  apc 
11 hours ago by michaelfox
Bourbon Barrel Oyster Knife
Brent Stubblefield launched his handmade knife business, Join or Die, in Richmond, Virginia several years ago as a way to bring back traditional skill, lore, and craft as the foundation for a new economy. With oysters serving as a staple of the Virginia diet, it was only natural for Grid Supply Co. to partner with Brent to make a limited edition oyster knife. But not just any oyster knife, one made from oak bourbon barrel staves from Richmond based Hardywood Park Craft Brewery. Brent realized that bourbon barrels, which are charred to give the drink its signature flavor, would make for the perfect texture and aesthetic for the knife’s handles. Each knife, with its distinct handle that has been soaked in bourbon and beer, is finished off with a brass guard and mosaic pins. And to ensure our oyster knives perform just right, Grid Supply Co. has tested its unique design with some of the best shuckers in Virginia for feedback.
oyster  tools  handmade  knives 
12 hours ago by fogfish
OmniSharp - .NET and IntelliSense on any platform with your editor of choice
OmniSharp is a set of tooling, editor integrations and libraries that together create an ecosystem that allows you to have a great programming experience no matter what your editor and operating system of choice may be.
dotnet  tools  editor 
12 hours ago by andyhuey
The web's scaffolding tool for modern webapps | Yeoman
One-line install using npm:
npm install -g yo

What's Yeoman?

Yeoman helps you to kickstart new projects, prescribing best practices and tools to help you stay productive.

To do so, we provide a generator ecosystem. A generator is basically a plugin that can be run with the `yo` command to scaffold complete projects or useful parts.

Through our official Generators, we promote the "Yeoman workflow". This workflow is a robust and opinionated client-side stack, comprising tools and frameworks that can help developers quickly build beautiful web applications. We take care of providing everything needed to get started without any of the normal headaches associated with a manual setup.

With a modular architecture that can scale out of the box, we leverage the success and lessons learned from several open-source communities to ensure the stack developers use is as intelligent as possible.

As firm believers in good documentation and well thought out build processes, Yeoman includes support for linting, testing, minification and much more, so developers can focus on solutions rather than worrying about the little things.
webdev  tools 
12 hours ago by andyhuey
: high-performance, GPL licensed MySQL proxy. It supports hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections and can be multiplexed to hundreds of servers.

mysql  database  monitoring  performance  optimization  debug  proxy  tools  devops 
13 hours ago by michaelfox

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