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Moving Target - Chapter 1 - Ytteb - NCIS [Archive of Our Own]
This story is based on the idea that Tony quit NCIS rather than be reassigned as Agent Afloat. More than a decade later he meets up with the team again. (I had a similar premise in another story (Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot) but this one goes in a completely different direction and the two are not connected).
NCIS  TonyDiNozzo  LeroyJethroGibbs  Tony/OFC  Tonyw/Kids  TonysFratBrothers!!  TonyLeavesNCIS  LeonVance  TimMcGee  DrDonaldDuckyMallard  EllieBishop  chaptered5+  20000Words+  AO3  Author:ytteb 
may 2016 by kliqzangel
Black and White - Chapter 1 - Marzipan77 - NCIS [Archive of Our Own]
Slightly AU tag for the episode Frame-Up. Tony's dealing - dealing with the fact that his new Director turned him over to the not so tender mercies of the FBI. Dealing with the stink surrounding the whole mess with Chip Sterling. Dealing with Sacks' anger and antagonism. He's dealing - for now - but he knows it's not going to last. Tony's mind likes to reduce things to black and white. Wrong and right. Villain and hero. Figuring out who is on which side isn't always easy. But, then again, he's not as dumb as they all think he is. And he's done playing.
NCIS  AU  EpCoda-NCIS-3x09-FrameUp  Author:Marzipan77  AO3  chaptered15+  40000Words+  TonyDiNozzo  LeroyJethroGibbs  ZivaDavid  JennyShepard  TimMcGee  AbbySciuto  DrDonaldDuckyMallard  DrBradPitt  TonysFratBrothers!!  tobiasfornell  TomMorrow  LeonVance  TonyisMorethanMeetstheEye  tony-teamleader  RonSacks  GibbsDefendsTony  BAMF!Tony  TonyDefendsHimself!  Leader!Tony  Tony&Tim-Friendship  McGeePullsHisHeadOut!  McGeeNeedsaHEADSLAP  Anti-Ziva  CharacterDeath  JennyisaBITCH!!!  Jenny&Ziva-Friendship  JennySheppardisaTRAITOR  JennySheppardgetsARRESTED 
february 2016 by kliqzangel
Razor's Edge - Chapter 1 - NCISVU - NCIS [Archive of Our Own]
All hell breaks loose when Tony’s forced to choose between doing what’s right and protecting a secret from his past. Eventual Tibbs.
NCIS  LeroyJethroGibbs  tobiasfornell  AbbySciuto  TimMcGee  DrDonaldDuckyMallard  TonysFratBrothers!!  gibbs/dinozzo  newrelationship  AO3  Author:NCISVU  Blackmail  ComingOut  chaptered10+  30000Words+  TonyLiveswGibbs 
november 2015 by kliqzangel
Silent Tears
A secret from Tony's past is exposed by a man out for revenge. Will Gibbs and the team be able to save DiNozzo from losing everything important to him?
TonyDiNozzo  LeroyJethroGibbs  father!gibbs/son!tony  NCIS  KateTodd  TimMcGee  AbbySciuto  Tony/OFC  Tonyw/Kids  Kidnapped  Chaptered20+  Author:Patricia  Angst  DrDonaldDuckyMallard  TonysFratBrothers!! 
march 2014 by kliqzangel
Plans, Rules and Yachts Universe - Azure_K_Mello - NCIS [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Everyone needs a code to live by and someone to be with. Once you get the person and the rules you can deal with anything. But when Tony first makes his plan he has no idea how his life will change.
series  gibbs/dinozzo  leonvance  tonysr  Angst  ChildAbuse  Author:AzureKMello  NCIS  TonysDadSucks!  AO3  McGeeorZivatakeTonysApt  TonyLiveswGibbs  newrelationship  TonysFratBrothers!!  TonyDiNozzo  AbbySciuto  LeroyJethroGibbs  TimMcGee  ZivaDavid  150000Words+ 
may 2013 by kliqzangel
A Thanksgiving with Misgivings
Tony invites Gibbs to the annual paintball war he and his friends hold every year, the day after Thanksgiving.
NCIS  Gibbs/DiNozzo  Thanksgiving  NewRelationship  Author:tutncleo  TonyDiNozzo  LeroyJethroGibbs  TonysFratBrothers!!  9000Words+ 
december 2012 by kliqzangel

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