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“What I think the political correctness debate is really about is the power to be able to define. The definers want the power to name. And the defined are now taking that power away from them.”

—Toni Morrison
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4 weeks ago by Felicity
'Love is never any better than the lover': Toni Morrison – a life in quotes | Books | The Guardian
If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.

Writing is really a way of thinking, not just feeling but thinking about things that are disparate, unresolved, mysterious, problematic or just sweet.

The function, the very serious function of racism is distraction. It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps you explaining, over and over again, your reason for being. Somebody says you have no language and you spend 20 years proving that you do. Somebody says your head isn’t shaped properly so you have scientists working on the fact that it is. Somebody says you have no art, so you dredge that up. Somebody says you have no kingdoms, so you dredge that up. None of this is necessary. There will always be one more thing.

Racism will disappear when it’s no longer profitable, and no longer psychologically useful. And when that happens, it’ll be gone. But at the moment, people make a lot of money off of it.

All paradises, all utopias are designed by who is not there, by the people who are not allowed in
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6 weeks ago by emmacarlson
RT : Recently on , referenced a Charlie Rose interview with the late , where sh…
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7 weeks ago by kohlmannj
T. S. Eliot Memorial Reading: Fred Moten - YouTube
“The first annual T. S. Eliot Memorial Reading honored the work of Fred Moten, who was introduced by Prof. Teju Cole.

Recorded on April 25, 2019, at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard University.

Sponsored by the Woodberry Poetry Room and the T. S. Eliot Foundation.“
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8 weeks ago by robertogreco
RT : All paradises, all utopias are designed by who is not there, by the people who are not allowed in.

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9 weeks ago by kohlmannj
All paradises, all utopias are designed by who is not there, by the people who are not allowed in.

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9 weeks ago by ali.alkhatib
Man, I'm hella stuck on this quote.

I think I've always struggled with the idea that we "choose" to…
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9 weeks ago by DocDre
Hanif Abdurraqib On Toni Morrison
“In the one theater showing the Toni Morrison documentary in town tonight, all of the tickets are sold out. They are sold out tomorrow, too. And I understand. I had hoped, perhaps, to be among some masses also eager to see her living self one last time. To press our ears to the immovable wall of grief and hear her voice echoing back. Some things just aren’t the same done alone.”
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9 weeks ago by beep
RT : A quick, powerful story I will never, ever forget about :

In college I befriended a fellow student I’…
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9 weeks ago by osfameron
Me too- I’ve been reading and re reading since I was seventeen. Ain’t stopping now. She is a journey…
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9 weeks ago by kohlmannj
RT : White folks. Stop saying wrote for everyone. She wrote for us, for black folks & most especially blac…
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