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Refactoring Ruby with Monads
"Hello! I’m going to tell you about monads, and how we can uncover them by refactoring our Ruby code."
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october 2014 by sunpig
Compilers For Free - Tom Stuart - Ruby Conference 2013
"This math-free talk uses Ruby to explain how partial evaluation works, how it can be used to make programs go faster, and how it compares to ideas like currying and partial application from the world of functional programming. It then investigates what happens when you run a partial evaluator on itself, and reveals some surprising results about how these techniques can be used to automatically generate compilers instead of writing them from scratch.

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january 2014 by thattommyhall
Building a GOV.UK exhibit
"GDS employs talented people and empowers them to move quickly and get things done with a minimum of hassle. Ben Terrett and Alexandra Bobbe were clear in their brief, quick to respond to questions, and constantly available for testing and experimentation; Paul Downey spun up an EC2 instance for this project as fast as I could email him my public key."
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march 2013 by benterrett
Programming With Nothing // Speaker Deck
The highlight of Ruby Manor: Tom Stuart's completely brilliant explanations of programming with nothing but Procs: making them, calling them, and nothing else. He made it fun, informative, and the right amount of mental.
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october 2011 by infovore

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